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Updated: 4 years 18 weeks ago

Should You Use Your Real Name On The Internet?

28 August 2011
Fake names….

Paisley Beebe TV Show Host in Second Life

There’s a lot of discussion going on at the moment around the issue of using what some people call “Fake” names on the internet, particularly around Google+ which has outlawed them, as has Facebook, although on Facebook you can set up a Fan Page under your “Fake” Name. On Twitter you can call yourself whatever you want, and they don’t seem to have any problem with it.

“Handles” as they are known by experienced online users, is something that goes back to online forums before there was any such thing as social media. It was understood that you could call yourself anything you wanted on a forum or a support network, in fact real names were discouraged to protect you actually…. The reason you might have used a “handle” was your own buisness. It might have been for privacy, so that you could express yourself with more openness, it was rarely so you could participate in bad behaviour and not be traced. If you behaved badly on a forum you would be kicked off….no need for a real name.

Most forums on the internet still ask you to create your own user name, it is really standard practice. On forums you are respected for what you contribute, not your PHD or your real name identity its a level playing field which is just great!

However with the rise of social networks being used not just for support groups or discussion and sharing ideas, but for buisness, a whole bunch of internet community “noobies” have entered the system. People who don’t come from a background of online community experience. They view the use of handles with suspicion, some of us would say they “just don’t get it”


Google say that their reason for not allowing “Fake” names on their new social network Google+ is that they are in the buisness of identity…they want the real names so that they can mine and track your real life data. This policy has really got up the nose of millions of users of the internet who have been identified by their online handles for years in some case 30 years! Many people are better known by their handles than their real life names!

Second Life

I definitely fit into that category. Although I have used my real life name online with my Jazz Singing persona, I had an online forum “handle” that was a version of my real life name which dates back to 1995, My “Fake” name of Paisley Beebe, which was created for Second Life in 2006, is by far the better known name on the internet. Just do a search…Because I’ve been active in online communities for a long time, choosing a handle for Second Life was no big deal.

See The Rest and comment over at my new Website at

No More Tonight Live With Paisley Beebe

2 July 2011

The Fat Lady Has Sung!

Bit of sad news. Tonight Live With Paisley Beebe will no longer be in production. I’ve started a new business in real life called Digital Breezes, and need to dedicate all my working week to it, and the rest of the time to my family.

This isn’t going to be a long post re-living all the history of the show, the shows are all up on if you want to get nostalgic. I’m really looking forward to a new venture in real life, and exited about taking a new direction, but sad also that I’m not going to be spending as much time on the grid and working with the best bunch of TV people ever!

I would like to publicly thank all the people who have been involved in the show over the years, and there are quite a few of you to mention, including every single guest and musician and the wonderful audience who are always such a large part of the show.

I owe my greatest thanks for creating the show with me 4 years ago, and always providing such a professional environment to work with the best Machinima possible for virtual TV, I wish Wiz and Texas all the best and we are keeping in touch.

Big thanks go to Yxes Delacoix and AutumnFox Sutherland and Bliss Windlow for their show directing, you guys totally rock! and also for Bliss Windlow being my COO, and taking such a huge role in the business, Bliss, you have meant so much to me, you will never know how much. Stage Manager SuperDave Spearmann is my longest serving employee, and he has been such a wonderful reliable and dependable staff member I can’t recommend him enough. I’d also like to thank Angie Mornington and Delinda Dyrssen (in memory) for being my co-producers and taking such a large and important role in both their wonderful shows which are still getting viewers and lots of em, Fabulous Fashion and Live n Kickin. And finally to Tangle Giano for stepping into the recent role as Music Producer. Thank you also to all the volunteers that have worked for the show, and also to all the wonderful sponsors, especially Nicky Ree my clothes supplier for being my longest sponsor on the show. I wish all the other show producers for all the TV shows on Second Life all the best, keep the light burning and best of everything!

Best wishes to you all and I’ll see you on the grid!

love Paisley



Paisley’s New Real Life Business, Promoting Positive Online Collaboration

26 May 2011


Hi folks, I’m starting a new business in real life called Digital Breezes. I’m not really sure where this new venture will take me, but my initial idea is to help people understand the benefits of online collaboration through Social Media, Forums, Virtual Worlds, Media and other applications I’ve learned to use since 1995 to connect with others. I will be promoting the positive uses of the internet  through personal consultation, public talks, podcasts and posts. I’m also going to be educating about internet safety and keeping both adults and children safe online. As a home based business operator I will be helping clients to have their internet use streamlined in simple ways so that they don’t have spend an inordinate amount of time updating and getting distracted from doing what they love.

Please pop over and take a look at my first 4 posts and see what I’ve been up to. I’m conducting my very first presentation on Computers and Our Kids & Social Network Safety next week. Something I’m very passionate about as I have 2 young teens myself, one of which has already been the victim of online bullying. Read the story at

The name of my new buisness is Digital Breezes. Why Digital Breezes? When I thought about what I love about my online connections and collaborations and what I wanted to say about them, an image formed in my head of a lovely breeze that swirled around the globe touching us all.. connecting us all, but a digital breeze in this case. I hope that makes sense Anyway no one else had the name thank goodness so it’s mine!

I’ve created a page for Digital Breezes on Facebook which is sorely in need of some love if you are so inclined, please help out! Facebook Page

And of course you can keep in touch by following me on Twitter @paisleybeebe

Tonight Live is on hiatus for our Winter over here, while I set this all up in real life. Wish me luck! Im going to need it!

Tonight Live Is UP!

18 May 2011


Michael Stackpole Pic SuperDave Spearman


Our guests this week incuded Richard Meiklejohn who has developed a software called Roobaab for collaboration. We talked about the future of Collaboration online, effective methods and the use of Virtual Worlds.

AM Quar was our musician this week he is from Montreal, Canada, and he played a ripping tune and talked about his musical history.

We also met Michael Stackpole an Award winning Fantasy Science Fiction Author. Who spoke about publishing and the digital age, where its going? and what will happen to paper books.  In Second Life he is known as Noble Charron, he holds weekly meetings in Second Life to discuss writing and publishing.

I hope you enjoy the show! and I look forward to bringing Tonight Live to you again later in the year!

Future of Books, Collaboration Online, & Guitarist AM Quar on Tonight Live This Sunday!

14 May 2011

Sunday 15th May 6pm slt

Collaboration Online Where Is It Taking Us?

Roobaab in Second Life

Collaboration Tools are generally computer applications that make it possible for people to work together and play together.

Richard Meiklejohn has developed a software called Roobaab for collaboration, he is very invested in virtual worlds, and has strong opinions on collaboration and where its taking us. This week we will be talking to Richard about his software and what he sees as the future of collaboration online, after all  its what we are all doing on Second Life isn’t it?


AM Quar Axe Man Of The Guitar!

AM Quar Musician

AM Quar is from Montreal, Canada. He started learning to play guitar at the age of fifteen. His first influences were from Elvis Presley, The Beatles and Jimi Hendrix. He has played with many bands including Pop Corn Blues Band, Les Maitres (Morse Code), Les Chevelles, Andre Collin, Projet-X, Pro-Style with Anita Godina, Etc. He plays songs from Stevie Ray Vaughn, Joe Cocker, Classics Blues, Latinos,  as well as his own compositions of Blues Rock. AM is going to Rock The Tonight Live Stage this Sunday!


Michael Stackpole, The Future Of Books in The Digital Age

Michael Stackpole Author

Michael Stackpole is an Award winning Fantasy Science Fiction Author

He is best known for his work in FASA’s BattleTech® universe and for his Star Wars® X-wing comics and bestselling Star Wars® novels. In Second Life he is known as Noble Charron, he holds weekly meetings in Second Life to discuss writing and publishing. Michael is a strong proponent of Digital Books. And as a leading author who is very much part of the digital age of publishing, I was very interested in finding out what the future of Books will look like. With bookshops closing down all over, or morphing into hip coffee shops, will books go the way of the scroll? Will books become more interactive? What about self publishing? is it like the music industry where having an “Album” out is no longer seens as a badge of honor…because anyone can do that these days?


How To Watch The Show! As usual the show starts at 6pm slt at Sailors Cove, get there early for this one!
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Paisley Featured on the Australian ABC Tech and Games Website!

11 May 2011

ABC Technology + Games

Hi Guys I’m featured on the Australian Broadcasting Corp Tech and Games site today. Second Life’s Lowell Cremorne @metaverseoz conducted the interview with me. Go Check it out! please “like” share and put some comments in, its all great positive publicity for our Virtual Worlds and Machinima!

Some positive publicity at last! Thanks to Lowell many thanks…I’ll go throw up now…..Yikes!

Follow my progress on Twitter! @paisleybeebe