This is an interview from the 6 Feb 2011 Tonight Live with Paisley Beebe ( show filmed by Treet TV ( in Second Life ( Robert Kenner is the Director of "When Strangers Click" a new HBO Documentary from the Food.Inc Director who was nominated for an Oscar for that film. This film is about 5 stories about people who found love online. This interview is with Robert Kenner the director and one of the subjects of the film Bara Jonson who met his RL partner in Second Life. Bara is a Swedish Musician who also gained a record contract through meeting a Producer in Second Life. There is also a clip from the film during this interview which took place on Tonight Live With Paisley Beebe a TV show filmed in the virtual world of Second Life. When Strangers Click documentary at:

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About The Interview

To Find out more about this interview go to . You can watch the entire episode here which includes Bara singing live on the show, and other guests including artist Gracie Kendal creator of the 1000 Avatars project, and Enoch Mildor from the Vampire Themed sim Trueblood.

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