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Howdy everyone. The new Daily PWN is posted and we'd like your feedback. What do you think of the overall show? Are there topics you want to see more? Are there topics you haven't seen discussed that you would like to have added to the weekly program?

I would like to see more on Giant Snail Racing please.

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Simboarding! I know a few people along with myself that wouldent mind appearing on your show for an interview/questions!

Onlive gaming! A soon to come service that is going to revolutionize the way gamings done, a must see for any gamer.

Need for speed world! Not out yet but there's some information out there, you could talk about the up and coming free mmo racing game with a ridiculous amount of customization.

Kirstens viewer! Maybe not your exact genre for show content but a viewer for second life with dynamic shadows that really adds a new layer to second life, with the addition of this, some extra frames squeezed out of the viewer, the adaptation of a more complex physics engine and the customization of simulator sizes could make second life a viable game creation platform!

General gaming tips! nesteggs like nvidia's digital vibrance, using the -heapsize command in a shortcut, recording videos with WeGame, Overclocking for dummy's, leetspeek terminology's .. call it the tip of the day lol!

Just some idea's, I like the concept of your show! I can foresee virtual avatars being used in the creation of news media at an increased rate as the future arises! .. not that im psychic but id bank on it.

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Another game you may like to try is Battlefield: Bad Company 2... i pre-ordered it and for myself it out ranks Modern Warfare 2 for best fps of the year. Could compare and contrast on them to say which one is better in different categories such as; graphics, gameplay, connecting with friends, etc.... Just a thought tho.

Let's schedule it. Please email me at