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In this episode we talk about a yearly event in the World of Warcraft called NobleGarden where you can hunt colorful eggs across several villages in the world. This event is a fun and rewarding experience for players.

Saw II is coming out soon and we have the newly-released trailer.

This episode included some serious content as part of a PSA that was released on last week. I don't expect the show to get as serious as that in the future, though the cause is near and dear to me. Violence in video games seems to be steering in a much more unethical direction. When you are simulating a story of heroic soldiers, you'd expect the character you are playing and to be a hero, not a torturer. The vast majority of soldiers out there are able to hold on to their ethics and morals, why aren't the heroes in popular video games? If there was a choice whether or not your character does this that's one thing, but in Call of Duty, you don't have choices in the matter. Our cause is encouraging game developers to either leave out torture scenes or allow the player a choice to stop it.

Ok Matt/Zen,

I do like the show and I can't fault you on the message of the later segment of Episode 4; although the juxtaposition of a trailer for the torture game Saw II following into a "serious message about violence in FPS" felt a little odd to me. I do agree with all you've said and looking at some of the footage shown is quite sickening.

Your presenting style is good and you're getting a lot of your information out in a relaxed and easy to understand way, even with things I have no real interest in. So you're keeping an audience (even if it is just me) informed and more importantly coming back to watch episodes.

There is a little style problem in my honest opinion, I'm not overly keen on the Brick Wall backdrop behind your Avatar. I think it's frankly dull and static, even with the logo now behind you (though I prefer the Medium shot that you have of Zen now rather than the further away shots you had earlier). A different backdrop would help, this is a programme about Tech and Games...and it looks like you're broadcasting from a just feels a little off.

As I said, I like the logo in the background, but I also think you could have video running there or images that move to create a little more of a dynamic and interesting screen, think The Daily Show with John Stewart. Though obviously not as funny.

Zen's AO sit bugs me a little, but that's a personal preference, I figure you're going for the "relaxed cool look" but it comes off a little too forced and sometimes a little too effeminate for what you're actually saying. Sure I know AO's and speech in Second Life are not an exact science, but I think you could look at something a little more engaging.

Other than those admittedly cosmetic issues, I'm liking the show so far and have checked out your website because of it.


Thank you for the comments. Zen got a makeover yesterday with a new shape/skin and I'm looking in to an AO for television.

As for the background, I was looking for something kind of like Tekzilla on Revision 3

What I really need is a good designer to make a set that flows better. Great advice mate, thank you.