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Hello everyone!

Welcome to the new website and the new forums! I hope we can see people in here discussing the shows - the issues - and what they'd like to see on forthcoming shows!

Saffia!!!! So brave you are, making the first forum post! I hope you like the new setup, and there are still more things coming, but I think we got things to the point where we felt things were "mostly working". Keep an eye out for bugs, and if you find them, our mission will be the squash em!

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Our new season starts this week, and we have an exciting selection of topics lined up. We do hope you'll enjoy them. And don't forget, if you know somewhere that will be of interest to us or our listeners, on any grid, do let us know.

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Saffia! I am so glad to see that you have procured this forum! I watched a couple of the videos of DW here on the TreetTV site, and they work marvelously well. I really enjoyed the Christmas show in Rothesey. My doesn't Elrik have a lovely home there!

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Hi everyone! What a great new forum for us to gather and talk about the show. Elrik's right, we do have some really interesting places to take viewers this season, and the first one is...well, that would be telling. But I wonder, might giraffes be involved?

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My question is if InWorldz is OpenSim than why isn't it on the OpenSim grid list?? There are other OpenSim grids that are not on this page besides InWorldz like Openlife.