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SLCG Elinor Station, Betaggia, SLSLCG Elinor Station, Betaggia, SL

I am Comdr Dondy Carling SLCG airbase Commander at Elinor airfield, Bertaggia.Some of my duty's in the SLCG are senior flight instructor. Recruit training. Also in charge of rescue swimmer program.

We have a wonderful builder and designer Admiral Tig Spijkers She makes the most real life like aircraft in SL.

Diversity is the mix of differences and similarities at all levels of the group. We draw great strength from our differences and build on our similarities to:

Create a positive environment, based on our core values of Honor, Respect, and Devotion to Duty, that will promote personal and professional development and attract new talent.

Establish and maintain a diverse membership that reflects Second Life’s® and its most valuable resource, people.

Promote policies, programs, and procedures that place value on diversity and individual dignity.
Work diligently to remove barriers that hinder our progress.

Provide leadership that empowers all people to reach their full potential while contributing to SL Coast Guard missions.
Ensure that our individual actions support the spirit of this policy.

Diversity is one of our greatest strengths.

This is a video that was made when we just did the Veterans Day Airshow at the WW2 Memorial.

Message from Flying Tigers to SLCG:

I want to think you all for your participation in tonight’s show. I don't know if you heard the announcer's comments as you passed over but he said what a welcome sight those aircraft are to anyone who is in trouble and needs help. You all showed us what that means tonight. I was very impressed. I watched your teams practice and prepare this past week and then I watched them again on the flight line. Your professionalism is unmatched in Second Life. It really is an honor to be your partners in the virtual adventure.

Keep up the good work Coasties!


B.G. Luke Flywalker
WW2 Commander SL Flying Tigers

So I hope you see some of what we do in Second Life are main Our goal in the various virtual worlds is to teach those interested, real life safe boating courses from within the virtual world. Whether Sailing, or motor boating is your thing, knowledge of safe boating practices is an important thing to have.

Our secondary mission is to assist any land owner with water access in the setting up, education and maintaining of a proper “Aids To Navigation” system. Our goal is to one day have proper ATON systems in place throughout the virtual worlds.

Second Life Coast Guard are on the waters of Second Life to make boating and water related recreation more pleasant and enjoyable for all Second Life residents
Semper Paratus - Always Ready