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Want To be on TV? Want to have a lot of fun? Then this is the event for you!! Get Your free Giant Snail Avatar here Pick up a starting position scarf from the relay Venders vendersvenders

If you pay a lot you start in the front sim if you pay a little your back a sim or 2 it's all good. touch the boxes under the venders to get your free snail and a pimp my Snail Kit you can find some hair and hats and flags and stuff and make the snail look like your avatar or something summery because that's this races theme. If you make a snail to theme listen up before the races well try and get you filmed spinning around and well put those in whenever we have a bad camera moment or well put them in after the race or something.

This month were on the Skybeam sims They are privately owned so we get to set Mushrooms and fun stuff in your way to make the race more fun. It's only around 25 sims though so wont be as long as we the last few they were double that. This should only take 25 or so minutes once we start

Race Starts May 29th
time 12:00 Noon
Arrive by 11:00 if you have decorated your snail in a Summer way
well get it on film listen for us shouting next.
Arrive by 11:30 if your just going to race and didn't decorate it to a summer theme.

Ok think tha's all you need to know the scarf you buy will give you a notecard with a land mark that will get you near where were starting give or take a sim. Lokk for the giant snaoils when you get there.

Any Questions IM RacerX Gullwing Happy to help.