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Joined: 12 Feb 2010 pretty fast. I've got my settings turned down low and am currently getting a peak around 140 frames per second! Never seen anything like that anywhere.

Of course, this is in an empty sim :)

Well were at Hawthorne NOW. Like it or not Firesabre needs to close their sims to the public tomorrow. Anyway I'll still be allowed in to grab everything we need to get the track moved to Hawthorne. Were not getting a couple weeks to build a new track. So well be using that test track till we rebuild. This should be interesting. Well be getting the land terraformed soon then we can start trying to adjust the track around to fit the terrain.

Joined: 12 Feb 2010

Just as well we had had a test then :)

One thing I meant to mention was the scoreboard lag. I touched it and it moved me to my starting position straight away, but it took ages to offer me a scarf and my name wouldn't appear. I didn't know whether to wait for it, or touch it again. I thought that would mean I'd have to wait even longer. Anyway, tried touching it about 8 times and it eventually appeared :)