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Wow, what a great RFL race this year!

I had a good start, choosing (I think) two of the first three gates correctly. That lasted until the first bridge. I fell straight through into the river, along with another snail, but everyone else seemed to manage it okay.

It didn't delay me too long, though, and I was back on track for the race to the river ride. I don't know if there was some confusion there, but I managed to grab a seat on the first boat (I thought they only seated five? There seemed to be about eight on ours, including someone sat on the outside :)) It was a rather pleasant trip downstream, mind.

Then after that came my favourite part of the race: the trip through the Crystal Mine. Four of us desperately hung on a crazy rollercoaster ride in a mine car. How we managed to complete it without crashing or leaving the tracks I don't know. It was with a mixture of shock and relief when I finally got to the end :)

And that's where it all went wrong. I'd forgotten about the Viewer 2 bug that invariably puts you into fly mode when you stand up, so off I went flying down the course, feeling rather pleased how little lag there was and how nice it was to be able to move quickly again. It wasn't until I breezed through a mushroom field with little problem that I twigged something was wrong *Comes out of mouselook...Dammit! I've been flying for ages* First thought was to hang on and wait for other snails to catch up with me, but they were waaaaay behind me, and I had Racer ahead of me urging me on.

So on I pressed to the top of the course. Got a bit confused up there as to where I was supposed to go, but Racer and Waelya pointed me in the right direction... the inner tube ride. Now, it was round about this time that I took the opportunity to log into Treet TV to message the live feed, and when I got to the pool at the bottom I didn't realise the ride was over; I thought it was me lagging out again :) so I sat floating in the inner tube until I heard the commentary advising me to get moving :)

So from there it was the short hop to the finish line, which I'd already decided not to cross because of my flying transgression earlier, so I waited there for a while to let everyone else finish ahead of me, before having the bright idea of going back to the mine and having another crack at the course.

Of course, by the time I'd done that, all the directional arrows and finish line had been removed so I didn't even get my prize :)

It was altogether great fun! Is there going to be a replay? Would love to see it all.

So...same time next year, then? :)

Ok well get you the finished trophy then good call on not finishing. But you could a finished just not in the top 3, everyone after that got the same trophy.