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I think we should do a Snail Fashion Show. Seriously!

I'm thinking of something very similar to MODA, where there is a runway, and the Snails come out one at a time with some very good "fashion commentary" the way they do on MODA. I am sure we can find somebody to do the commentary. In fact, Duckyfresh Watanabe (who used to do That S'Life is back inworld and would love to do something. She has done lots of fashion commentary in the past for some big shows and also is a very funny girl with a great sense of humor.

RacerX would probably need to build a simple runway somewhere on Burbank.... and of course scale it so the snails would look good on the runway! And have some visitor seating on both sides, just like in real fashion shows. With spotlights along the edges!

I'm not talking anything regular, but something to do just once, for fun.

It would be a chance for all the snails to show out some of their fabulous outfits that they have worked so hard on for various themes.

What do you think?

Yes lets do that!! It could go on for hours though if we let everyone show of every variation of there snails though.
Were you going to film it? I don't want to do it unless theirs going to be a record of it.

Of course we'll film it! In fact, that was my whole point.... to really make it a big deal, with total video coverage, just like a real fashion show, and every snail with a great outfit can flirt with the audience and really ham it up.

The runwayThe runway

The runway is beautiful!

OK, so now we need to schedule the show. I wonder if all the snails have any opinion about the date. I'd say we should plan out at least 3 weeks or 4 to get the planning right and all the snails signed up, get a commentator, etc.


well 3 weeks puts it on the next RFL race so 4 weeks might be better

I added some stuff now it's fancier.better runwaybetter runway The Dates been set were doing this the 22nd this month so we need to start getting a list together on who wants to be in this If you have some Snail designs you want to be in this put your name on here.