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FireSabre has asked us to test run a race on one of mainland sims they control owned by Chase Rutherford. It's where we used to run the races years ago on Tuesday nights. The place has been wiped clean since then. It used to be a wonderful city build with a replica of the empire state building in the center. If the test goes well we might be moving the track there permanently. Chase is excited at the prospect of having us back there. Firesabre can then close there island sims to the public whenever they need to and work on their nondisclosure clients stuff without worrying about the snails.
One of the changes will be that the spectators will be in the same sim as the snails. This will allow for the spectators to tap into our camera system and see the race the way treet films it. Well from the RacerX Cam perspective anyway. Also we can finally put the track back on the ground if we want to.
Were planning on testing the track this Saturday after the regular races before we watch the replay. While we have some snails on hand. Well need to try to bring in some extra people too so we can see how it works with 30 or more avatars there.
that's the place go have a look. It's the track we moved before we went over it and re textured everything. Using that because we had it handy.

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Like the idea of spectators hooking into the treet cam; sounds cool :) and I guess being on the mainland *and* on the ground means more people will discover the track and the races, which can only be a good thing!

Oh, and no more danger of falling off the course, either...which I'll miss, in a way :)

Well we only managed to get around 25 Avatars to come and do the test race at Hawthorne. It seemed to go really well but we often get closer to 40 Avatars at actual races and I think everyone knows that the difference between 25 and 40 avatars in a sim is pretty major. So we really need to figure out how to get at least 35 avatars to the test and see if everything still works.

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How about we put an appeal out for volunteers out on the official forum? They seem quite a friendly bunch on there :)

Alternatively, if anyone knew a large, easy-going group maybe they could put out an appeal in a group IM. Might be a danger of being kicked out for spamming, though.

As a last resort we could bribe newbies at welcome areas :)

Well next week were going to try to take everyone to the new course before the Saturday races for a test while we still have nearly 40 people there. If all goes well the following week well do an official race at the new course. If that goes OK well start work on a brand new course there in Hawthorne and hopefully have it ready to go a few weeks after that.