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How do you pick guests to be on Tonight Live? If I know someone that has an interesting Second Life story to tell who should they contact from the show?

Great Start Texas :) To get an opportunity to appear on Tonight Live please send a notecard or press release to my P.A Bliss Windlow in SL in notecard form or via email at Outline what the subject is why we should have them on, and a website link if there is one. We book our shows about 6 weeks out, will occasionally rearrange our schedule if there is something important that we must highlight, so give us plenty of time if the subject of the story is tied to a date. We have had a large amount of our guests from press releases or just a simple lead to a great story this way. I also follow twitter leads, facebook leads, and I read and follow a lot of blogs also. We are definitely open to all stories. We choose stories on suitability to our show, timelines, and interest to our viewers. If you are trying to sell something...probably best to ask for sponsorship we are also very interested in that!
regards Paisley

BTW want to find out more? Im presenting a Public speaking event in SL this Thursday 19th Feb at 4.30pm!
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