August Paine-Lusch
To write something clever, to draw something brilliant, to create something loved...

Way back in the olden days when Wednesday's used to be the day of the SL downtime August Lusch was born, well created out of random pixels. He had terrible hair, awful teeth and a skin that was a strange shade of peach.

Nowadays August Paine-Lusch (married name) has fantastic hair, fantastic teeth and a skin with realistic shading.

Inbetween then and now August (Auggie to his friends) has got married to a wonderful lady, cohosted GOHA matches and was a special guest host on RacerX Gullwing's Giant Snail Races.

Monday morning, Northpoint, while re-arranging my desk and looking over some of last nights shows I was approached by a man I'd never before seen. This is not unusual for Northpoint and I always do my best to help but this guy looked somewhat official as he started putting posters up around the building.

Saffia Widdershins WantedSaffia Widdershins Wanted

After a light interrogation where I was asked where Miss Widdershins would likely to be and I confirmed all the data I had available on what today's Designing Worlds schedule was, the gentleman left...leaving me wondering...what has Saffia done this time? And more to the point, how much bail is it going to cost?

for more information on what's going on please visit and don't forget to watch Designing Worlds live from Fantasy Faire at 2pm SLT here on Treet TV

GOHA Hockey :: Season 12 - Wolves VS Cobras: Wolves VS Cobras @ Jericho HillGOHA Hockey :: Season 12 - Wolves VS Cobras: Wolves VS Cobras @ Jericho Hill

Kert Upshaw and Maverick Garsdale reunite in the commentary box for Season 12's first game between the Cobras and the Wolves. Who will win this battle of wits, physical strength and lag breaking speed? Only one way to find out, tune in at 3pm PST and see why GOHA is the number one sport in Second Life.

A Brief Brief

For two days Second Life's favourite and most watched media network is throwing open its doors in a bonanza of style, content and fun. All your favourite Treet shows have booths and events happening during the two day event which will blow your socks off (even if you're barefoot).

The Expo will be held on Tropical Treet ( with a mixture of scheduled events and high profile shenanigans going on through out the weekend. There's hunts, prizes, freebies, music, live shows and a chance for you to be on TV.

Check out the stands set up by your favourite shows: you can pose the catwalk at MODA, check out the latest looks at Fabulous Fashion, go crazy with the Giant Snails (check out those toadstools), trying your hand at interviewing like Paisley Beebe, or have a stand up session have a stand up session at Lauren’s Place.

There’s a treasure hunt at the Designing Worlds cottage, with clues hidden in all the pictures, or you could test your knowledge of matter scientific at The First Question (ask the bear!). Or you could stop off at the Metaverse Arts cafe to soak up the atmosphere and the art on display over some light refreshments!

The Dirtfield Racing crew will be showing off their fantastic array of vehicles and even giving away a free fun GoCart, The Daily PWN will be inviting gamers some classic games, Pinball, Mah-Jong and Darts. The Global Online Hockey Association will be on hand to show you some of the mad skills needed to be a pro virtual hockey player and the staff behind our “Top Secret” futuristic series Awakening will be their to show you some of the cool stuff you can expect to see when that show airs.

And all this and we haven’t even skimmed the surface of what’s happening with Metanomics, Meet An Author and Pop Vox.

About Treet TV

Treet TV is an entertainment network that serves virtual worlds viewers and producers. Established in March 2007, Treet TV uses a collaborative production model which has resulted in more than 3000 hours of broadcast quality content, all targeting the emerging phenomenon of virtual living. We work with talented people located all around the world who are creating events in Second Life, from fashion shows, to sporting contests and music performances.

Shows are broadcast live to audiences inworld on Treet TV enabled television screens, as well as live onto the world wide web. Large scale live events in the past include the Transformers press event, Philip Rosedale SL6B Opening Ceremony and the Best Practices in Education conferences.
A business-focused companion site highlights how virtual worlds are being used to enrich and enhance corporate and enterprise innovation. It can be found at

TV Line Up

Giant Snail Races
Where: Hawthorne
When: 11th September 2010 - 11:00AM PDT
Lauren Live - Wiz Nordberg Roast
Where: Tropical Treet
When: 11th September 2010 - 4:00PM PDT
VSN Simboarding
Where: Dream Horizon
When: 12th September - 12:00PM PDT
GOHA Hockey :: Ice Lords@Moose
Where: Empty Net- Cleary Arena
When: 12th September - 2:00PM PDT
Dirtfield Races
Where: Otway
When: 12th September 2010 - 4:00PM PDT
Tonight Live with Paisley Beebe
Where: Northpoint
When: 12th September 2010 - 6:00PM PDT
Live N Kickin - The Follow
Where: Northpoint
When: 12th September 2010 - 8:00PM PDT

All Shows shown live on

Come join us and have fun.

Leaderboard 260610Leaderboard 260610

Well it's another Beatles themed race after last weeks Snail RFL Cross Sim run the Pro Snails are back in force for the Final Race of Season 4 this Saturday, 26th June 2010.

And what a final race it promises to be, the top three placed snails, Tindalia, Gareth8 and Waelya can all win this season where as the battle for fourth, fifth and sixth to Baldi, Sante and August.

Tindalia has never won a season before and this could be her big chance, but she shouldn't count on Gareth8 and Waelya letting her have an easy ride out there.

As usual the fun begins at 11am PDT on Hawthorne and you can watch it live here on Treet with the usual commentary team.

Tindalia: Tindy eyes up first placeTindalia: Tindy eyes up first place

Jack Belvedere @ The Daily PWN: Jack Belvedere post interview at The Daily PWNJack Belvedere @ The Daily PWN: Jack Belvedere post interview at The Daily PWN All right, Mr Belvedere. This interview was an interesting one to get, I've been associated with GOHA since it was in Season 2 and I've done a lot of work with them, captaining a side in the 3rd Season, Commissionaire of The Euro League in the 5th Season, Designer of Hockey Jerseys for both the Euro League and an All Star event. I've known Jack longer than 90% of my friends lists. He was best man at my wedding and he's an awesome guy.

GOHA is one of the easiest sports to pick up in Second Life and conversely one of the hardest to master. There are levels of play and teamwork and tactics just like in the real world. With them currently expanding the league and working alongside Linden Labs with the Community Partnership Programme we thought it was the ideal time to interview the creator of the game.

This is the return of "Auggie Cam" yes, my camera is the medium shot of Jack Belvedere staring intimidatingly at you :).

The other part of this show? Well that was handled with fits of giggles between myself and Matt, we're absolutely serious professionals when it comes to a take. But sometimes Matt's tangents can be insane and I feel it's my job to keep him on message. That said anyone who can hear us singing during breaks would run screaming. We're not entering American Idol anytime soon. Our rendition of "Still Alive" from the Portal game is...well it's definitely something.

Watch the show without the singing here :


In this weeks exciting enthralling and quite literally brilliant episode of The Daily PWN, Matt discusses StarCraft 2, Little Big Planet 2 and much much more too!

Ok this episode I didn't do much for, there are no "Auggie Cam's" I did not write the script (though I did get Matt to change a few words and laughed at him when he flubbed lines).

My main contribution to this episode is probably the Little Big Planet 2 trailer. I'm a PS3 owner (Matt isn't, he's XBox360, iPod Touch and PC happy...) and I adore LBP, I thought it was the craziest game and is perfect for Second Life builders or anyone with that over active imagination to play about in. LBP2 looks like it's expanding everything from the original to make a more interactive and imaginative playground for creators and players alike.

We did originally think we could put in one of the two interviews we have in waiting for this episode but Matt decided that it was great on it's own and I totally agree that it works as a piece without the interviews.

It's good to do a standalone episode and keeping things fresh. Stick with us as we guide you through the tech news, game reviews and interviews here at The Daily PWN.

Pooky Amsterdam @ The Daily PWNPooky Amsterdam @ The Daily PWNIt's always strange talking about a show that's pre-recorded but that's not going to stop me.

Pooky Amsterdam is such a wonderful person, and this interview was shot before the Paisley interview that aired last week. This was actually my first time shooting stuff that would be on The Daily PWN.

Lets start with the atmosphere between Pooky and Matt, their seems to be a friendliness which is really natural. It's easy to talk to Pooky though she is an entertaining and lively person to talk to.

Technical points in this episode. Having finished the studio look probably the day before segments of this episode was shot I finally handed Matt the windlight settings that I created for shooting in the studio. These were created to give a sense of depth to the studio and some wonderful glistening within the hair of our guests (look at Pooky's's like an advert for conditioner).

The filming went without a hitch (and I blagged my way on to The 1st Question - look that up on the site to see how I did on the toughest game show in the world). The problems came with conversion, Matt uses an Apple computer to edit the show and for some reason my .mp4 conversion of the original .avi wasn't properly working with his macbased technology.

I decided to re-encode stuff to a more mac friendly .mov format and the problem has been solved mostly.

Those are your behind the scenes titbits of The Daily PWN weekly review for this week.

Ciao For Now


The Daily PWN SetThe Daily PWN Set

Sure the M's keep rolling in (was it a slight nod to Pooky having M Linden on The 1st Question a couple of weeks ago? Who knows).

This was the first episode of the show that I was directly involved in and featured the finished (for now) version of the new set. How does it play? Well the set I believe looks dynamic while not being too overwhelming and the content was interesting before my involvement I just think it's more accessible now.

So behind the scene titbits? Well Paisley and I have similar thoughts on current goings on in Linden Labs and how the direction that Second Life is heading and both her and Pooky Amsterdam (interview coming soon) are incredible people to work with.

Matt/Zen is finding his feet here and you can see his confidence with the show beginning to really shine through, helped by his genuinely infectious personality and sense of fun. Shooting the video along side him was a pleasure (even if it was something I was newish to doing and the encoding stuff that we went through was - interesting to say the least).

It's a pleasure to help with this show in my "behind the scenes" capacity and genuinely exciting to meet some of the famous faces on the Treet TV network.

This show was awesome, here's to the next show...and the next and the next!

Relay For Life...
Relay For Life - Giant Snail Racing PosterRelay For Life - Giant Snail Racing Poster
A massively good cause which RacerX Gullwing supports in his own inimitable style. How does he support the American Cancer Society and make it fun for people? Giant Snail Cross Country Race!!

Like a Marathon for the Giant Snail community the Cross Country Race pits 45 foot snail against 45 foot snail across 60 sims in a battle of endurance and grid stability.

The actual sight of a large number of snails racing down the roads of mainland sims in Second Life is a sight to behold for passers by and the carnival feeling of it will bring smiles to both the young and the old.

And again it's for a good cause...
You can be involved with the Giant Snail Cross Country Race in more ways than one, you can either race (the next event is on April 17th and you can get your scarves at Aborholm, Abitibi in Second Life) There are different scarves available and they will ultimately place you on different sims at the start of the race.

There is something new this time, for those who don't feel up to a marathon race dressed as a giant snail..

Here is the way you can be involved without having to be a snail.

You can sponsor a snail

The sponsor would pledge so many L$ on a snail for each sim they went through. Depending on the place of the snail at the finish of the race the amount would be more.

for example

10th or below.......1L$ per sim,
7th...........................4L$, ect. to 1st place where the amount would be 10 L per sim for a maximum donation of 600L for the 60 sim race.

So I'm looking for sponsors...IM me in world if you would like to sponsor me through the race...Again, I can't stress how much this is for a good cause, a few L$'s might mean very little to you, but every little helps.

As a guest announcer for a couple of weeks on RacerX Gullwing's Giant Snail Racing, I've been having the time of my life. It was a long long long time ago when I first watched an episode of the very funny very hyper, totally insane show and immediately I was hooked.

From the dry laconic wit of Wiz Nordberg's (barely awake at times) tones to the high pitch totally unintelligible squeaks of 'Tiny Racer' the show is a hoot from beginning to end where having fun is as important as the races.

With the new track settling in and camera bugs being ironed out, the next season of Giant Snail Races looks like it may be the best yet (even better if Salem can actually get back inworld from her exile in the "Phantom Zone"). Not many shows can get away with having a disembodied voice commentating on things that they cannot see. But Snail Racing manages to pull that off with aplomb and that's down to a mixture of inworld skill and Salem Sella's own brand of genius.

Rounding out the usual cast at the moment is Sante Klees, who was sadly absent for the last race (he had some excuse about RL and beaches and having fun or something like that...) who's reactionary and sometimes left field comments make me guffaw with glee.

As for my place in this eternally moving brightly coloured rainbow of a show? Well I seem to the token British guy...I get the feeling they simply gave me a mic to make the show sound classier!

Here's looking forward to the new races and maybe even a first position or two...