The Daily PWN SetThe Daily PWN Set

Sure the M's keep rolling in (was it a slight nod to Pooky having M Linden on The 1st Question a couple of weeks ago? Who knows).

This was the first episode of the show that I was directly involved in and featured the finished (for now) version of the new set. How does it play? Well the set I believe looks dynamic while not being too overwhelming and the content was interesting before my involvement I just think it's more accessible now.

So behind the scene titbits? Well Paisley and I have similar thoughts on current goings on in Linden Labs and how the direction that Second Life is heading and both her and Pooky Amsterdam (interview coming soon) are incredible people to work with.

Matt/Zen is finding his feet here and you can see his confidence with the show beginning to really shine through, helped by his genuinely infectious personality and sense of fun. Shooting the video along side him was a pleasure (even if it was something I was newish to doing and the encoding stuff that we went through was - interesting to say the least).

It's a pleasure to help with this show in my "behind the scenes" capacity and genuinely exciting to meet some of the famous faces on the Treet TV network.

This show was awesome, here's to the next show...and the next and the next!

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