Pooky Amsterdam @ The Daily PWNPooky Amsterdam @ The Daily PWNIt's always strange talking about a show that's pre-recorded but that's not going to stop me.

Pooky Amsterdam is such a wonderful person, and this interview was shot before the Paisley interview that aired last week. This was actually my first time shooting stuff that would be on The Daily PWN.

Lets start with the atmosphere between Pooky and Matt, their seems to be a friendliness which is really natural. It's easy to talk to Pooky though she is an entertaining and lively person to talk to.

Technical points in this episode. Having finished the studio look probably the day before segments of this episode was shot I finally handed Matt the windlight settings that I created for shooting in the studio. These were created to give a sense of depth to the studio and some wonderful glistening within the hair of our guests (look at Pooky's hair...it's like an advert for conditioner).

The filming went without a hitch (and I blagged my way on to The 1st Question - look that up on the site to see how I did on the toughest game show in the world). The problems came with conversion, Matt uses an Apple computer to edit the show and for some reason my .mp4 conversion of the original .avi wasn't properly working with his macbased technology.

I decided to re-encode stuff to a more mac friendly .mov format and the problem has been solved mostly.

Those are your behind the scenes titbits of The Daily PWN weekly review for this week.

Ciao For Now


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