In this weeks exciting enthralling and quite literally brilliant episode of The Daily PWN, Matt discusses StarCraft 2, Little Big Planet 2 and much much more too!

Ok this episode I didn't do much for, there are no "Auggie Cam's" I did not write the script (though I did get Matt to change a few words and laughed at him when he flubbed lines).

My main contribution to this episode is probably the Little Big Planet 2 trailer. I'm a PS3 owner (Matt isn't, he's XBox360, iPod Touch and PC happy...) and I adore LBP, I thought it was the craziest game and is perfect for Second Life builders or anyone with that over active imagination to play about in. LBP2 looks like it's expanding everything from the original to make a more interactive and imaginative playground for creators and players alike.

We did originally think we could put in one of the two interviews we have in waiting for this episode but Matt decided that it was great on it's own and I totally agree that it works as a piece without the interviews.

It's good to do a standalone episode and keeping things fresh. Stick with us as we guide you through the tech news, game reviews and interviews here at The Daily PWN.


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