Pop Art Lab and Treet.TV Presents:
POP VOX Feat. Deathline (UK)
Date: April 24, 2PM PDT/SLT

Location: Pop Art Lab sim
Hosts: Persia Bravin/Claus Uriza

We are pleased to present 2011s first Pop Vox show feat. Deathline (UK).

Be prepared for the most raunchy black noisy Pop Vox ever!

Deathline is a duo from London, UK. Members Jennie (bass guitar, vocals) and Kaoru (guitar, vocals and programming) formed the group after quitting popular Artrocker stable band Electric Shocks. Deathline play a lo-fi blend of electronic backing and harsh, garage rock style overdriven instrumentation, that was labelled “rock noir” by their supporters due to its dark and atmospheric nature with elements of disco and old school rap and electro backing entering the mix. They are known for their dark, glamorous and androgynous image, which Kaoru perhaps draws on from his time as lead guitarist with notorious late 90’s drag queen punks, Six Inch Killaz.

Swedish-born Jennie’s vocal style has been likened to “a punk rock Nico”, while the group’s mixture of electronic textures and beats, harsh guitar sounds, feedback and repetitive lyrics have drawn comparisons with the likes of The Fall, The Jesus and Mary Chain, LCD Soundsystem, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and The Raveonettes.

1:30 Meet and Greet
2:00 Deathline Interview at Pop Vox TV Studio
2:45 Deathline Concert at Underground Club
3:15 Afterparty w. DJ

Visit the show inworld at http://slurl.com/secondlife/Pop%20Art%20Lab/171/63/104
Visit the concert inworld at http://slurl.com/secondlife/Pop%20Art%20Lab/173/78/21

Watch live at Treet.TV http://treet.tv/live

Please come early as seats are limited!



As a Pop Vox special we are proud to present!

Saturday 26th March
2-6pm SLT/PDT (22:00-02:00 CET) (5-11pm EDT)

Live web broadcast at: http://treet.tv/live
Access: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Pop%20Art%20Lab/166/133/1204


Earlier this year, POP ART LAB challenged film makers from across Second Life ™ to make a music video for real life, electronica band GIANA FACTORY based on their song ‘Pixelated Truth.’
This weekend……we will see the results.

POP ART LAB is proud to present all entries in our annual machinima expo at an exclusive film preview party held at our sim. The event will also be streamed live across TREET.TV and with a range of eminent guest speakers and judges, interviews with members of GIANA FACTORY- plus a not to be missed after show party-this is set to be the machinima event of the year.

Who will walk away with the L$50,000 prize? Join us to find out.

Please RSVP to either:
Claus Uriza-CEO of POP ART LAB
Persia Bravin-Press Manager of POP ART LAB

Promotional Video:



2.00: Opening Introduction with Persia Bravin & Claus Uriza
2.15: Rhett Linden-Guest Speaker
2.30: Machinima Screenings
3.10: GIANA FACTORY interview
3.30: Announcement of winning entry plus guest speaker Toxic Menges
3.45: Chantal Harvey-Guest Speaker
4.00: After show party with guest DJ’s Evil Laa + TBA


Rhett Linden- Senior Director, Experience/ Design
Adam Hashemi – RL Film and Music Video Director
Toxic Menges-Machinima Maker

Abdullah Yazimoto, Al Peretz, Arbit Delacroix, Ian Pahute, Kira Madrigal, Lala Larix, Mommaluv Skytower and Ormand Lionheart

Additional information on the following partners can be found beneath. For any direct queries please contact:
Claus Uriza : clausuriza@gmail.com
Persia Bravin: persia.bravin@yahoo.com

ALL VIDEO ENTRIES: http://www.youtube.com/popartlab
POP ART LAB: http://www.popartlab.com/
GIANA FACTORY: http://gianafactory.dk/
MUSIC FOR DREAMS: http://www.musicfordreams.dk/intro.html
ADAM HASHEMI: http://www.blinkprods.com/directors/view-work/item2509/Adam-Hashemi/
ROSKILDE UNIVERSITY: http://worlds.ruc.dk/

Monday November 1st, 4 PM SLT

Pop Vox featuring Soleil (US/Jap)

Pop Art Lab is proud to present the latest edition of its television music show 'POP VOX' with an extra special interview and performance from a band that hold people in rapture throughout the Second Life music scene – 'Soleil'. If you haven’t heard of 'Soleil' yet then brace yourself; because they are destined to break the barrier from being virtually based musicians and are destined to catapult into the big league of RL artists too.
Comprising the talents of Japanese based music composer Tasuku Ghost and USA born singer and film maker ColeMarie Soleil, their dream like, ethereal songs with dark narratives and breathy lyrics are truly sublime. Also well known for creating show stopping sets and lighting displays, 'Soleil' have left audiences mesmerised in the few months since they have formed and are regularly asked to perform at the hottest virtual events. If ambient electronica with a sprinkling of dark fairy dust sounds like your idea of music heaven make sure you arrive at the 'Pop Art Lab' TV studios on Monday November 1st from 3pm SLT.

More info on Soleil and prelistens http://www.myspace.com/tasukucolie

4:00-4:20 PM SLT/PST
Interview at Pop Art Lab TV Studio (limited to 45 seats)

4:30-5:00 PM SLT/PST
Concert (limited to 45)

Live casted at http://treet.tv/live


Press Information

'Soleil' official sites:

Pop Art Lab is a real life music company that works with record companies, media agencies, educators and artists to promote the viability of virtual worlds as alternative performance venues. Pop Art Lab produces 'POP VOX' in partnership with TREET.TV for live broadcast across the internet.

CEO/Producer-Claus Uriza
Press Manager/Host-Persia Bravin


On Sept. 4th 2010, Pop Art Lab will open Art Breaker, a two month exhibition of interactive digital artwork by eight of the most famous and prolific Second Life artists. The opening event will mix speakers, artists introduction and live music, in a world class, not-to-be-missed event.
The event and exhibition is a partnership between the Nordic Virtual Worlds Network (NWVN), Treet.TV and Pop Art Lab.

Art Breaker: Two month exhibition of interactive digital art - An established music venue in Second Life, Pop Art Lab will host a major event starting on the 4th of September, 2010. This event, titled "Art Breaker", is a collaboration of eight major Second Life artists. They have been challenged to set up an exhibition made of visual and sound art, aimed at being interactive and reactive to the visitor. The artists are (Second Life names): Bryn Oh, Abstract Baroque, Sunn Thunders, Miso Susanowa, Misprint Thursday, Sabrinaa Nightfire, Binary Quandry, Sledge Roffo. This collaboration will take place over a full sim (virtual piece of land of 65000 sqm). The artists have been allotted a parcel each and been given free hands to their creativity. The result is a wide variety of ideas, atmospheres, and interactions.

Art Breaker: A celebration - To celebrate the beginning of this major exhibition, and also remembering that this date is the anniversary of its creation, Pop Art Lab will organize on the 4th of September, 2010 a worldwide event. Along with famous speakers, the artists will have the opportunity to speak of their creations and to interact with the audience. And not to forget music, a selection of the finest Second Life musicians - some of whom having a successful real life career as well - will play music live. As Second life is a worldwide environment, the event will span a 12 hour period to allow people in Europe, the Americas, and Asia to participate in their respective timezones. The event will also be partly recorded and broadcasted by Treet TV, a Second Life specific television network.

Second Life introduction - Second Life is the most famous and successful virtual world, with its 1 million regular visitors and its total of 20 million sign-ups in its seven year exsistence.

Pop Art Lab introduction - Present in Second Life since Sept. 2008, Pop Art Lab is a virtual music venue, aiming at bringing real life music industry into Second Life thanks to three major actions:
1. Promoting music by broadcasting brand new music in-world. Four full CDs are constantly played inside the venue and are changed on a bi weekly basis. This allows visitors to listen to the latest releases, sometimes even before they are actually available in their countries and stay tuned to music industry news.
2. Supporting singers and musicians who want to break into Second Life by organizing concerts and TV shows. Pop Art Lab regularly hosts in-world concerts, inviting performers to play in front of a virtual audience. Pop Art Lab also hosts TV shows, where musicians are interviewed before playing their songs. This show is made in partnership with Treet TV and has included artists like Greg Hawkes (The Cars) and Max Morgan http://treet.tv/shows/popvox.
3. Pioneering the collaboration between real world major music companies and Second Life activities.

Pop Art Lab also sets standards in virtual venues design, giving its visitors a unique experience. Taking advantage of Second Life technical abilities, the place has nothing in common with real life - being there is being in your fantasy land!

Speakers: Robin Teigland (NVWN), Doug Thomsen (Remedy), Ryan R. Rasmussen (Zucalo Group), Claus F. Povlsen (Pop Art Lab)
Live music: The Dead Heathers, Craig Lyons, Engrama, Tasuku Ghost, MommaLuv Skytower and more.

September 4th, 12pm - 12am PST

12:00 Meet & greet
12:15 Artists presents installations
01:00 Speakers: Binary Quandry (Art Breaker), Claus Uriza (PAL), Pathfinder Lester
02:00 MommaLuv Skytower (US)
03:00 CraigLyons Writer (US)
04:00 DJ TBA
04:30 Live music: Engrama (Arg/Esp)
06:00 Live music: The Dead Heathers (UK/Aus/US)
07:00 ART BREAK! – Tours at Installations
08:00 Meet & greet
08:15 Artists presents installations
09:00 Speakers: Dusan Writer (Remedy), Austin Ellison (Zocalo Group/PAL), Robin Teigland (NVWN)
10:00 Live music: Tasuku Ghost (Jap)
11:30 Live music: Skye Galaxy (US)
12:30 End

Attendence: Second Life account or live 8pm PST at http://treet.tv/live

Pop Art Lab - http://www.popartlab.com/art-breaker-news/

Monday May 31st at 2pm SLT

We proudly present Craig Lyons in interview and concert!

Craig Lyons is a LA based singer/songwriter who is setting the music industry on fire with his deeply poignant, passionate and personal lyrics. He has a voice that has already enthralled millions of people across the globe and with a new album ‘On Reflection’ just released he is destined to win many more fans.

This hugely impressive new album has been produced by a team of grammy winning mixers and engineers and Craig’s songs have already featured on top USA shows ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ and ‘The Real World’. He has also won a legion of fans from the entertainment industry including actor Cuba Gooding Jr who says of Craig’s performances “One of the best shows I have heard in a long time.”

This is probably the last chance to catch him before he goes stratospheric!

Join us at Pop Art Labs TV Studio and concert arena for what promises to be a truly spectacular event and ask Craig questions yourself!

Please come early to avoid disappointment or IM Claus Uriza to reserve a seat.

For more info on Craig and pre listening go to: http://www.myspace.com/craiglyons


TV Interview

2:00-2:25 PM SLT/PST

Interview at Pop Art Lab TV Studio (limited to 45 seats) please arrive 1:30 to get seated nice and timely.



2:45-3:30 PM SLT/PST

Concert (limited to 65)


You can also watch the whole event live at http://treet.tv/live

For updates please visit http://popartlab.com

Persia Bravin and Claus Uriza

Wednesday April 28th 1:300-3:30 PM PDT/SLT at Pop Art Lab

We are pleased to announce our next,

Pop Vox TV show featuring the futuristic electronica sounds of Redzone. This band have gained critical acclaim from RL music press plus a legion of followers in Second Life. Known for their spine tingling live shows that combine stunning visuals, fragments of live action video and their unique edgy sound, this is a TV interview and live concert not to be missed.

Hamlet Au, New World Notes: "They play for steampunks and post-apocalyptics and their metaverse band headquarters is the wreckage of a Soviet troop chopper abandoned in the desert. They're a British trio called Redzone, and of all the many bands who regularly play in Second Life, so far they're my favorite"

Redzone is Cabaret Voltaire (vocals/electric violin), Red Xu (guitar/bass guitar/samples), and Avomatsur Rustamova (synth/electric double bass/theremin). Redzone have a unique and original sound, fusing industrial, hiphop, musique concrète, electronica, classical, alternative and ambient influences. Fast and tight - tender and evocative - their unique songs and sounds hijack your soul, activate your reward circuits and energize your entire being. Talented, committed, passionate - this band have the confidence and energy to rock an audience. Redzone have been compared to Collide, Bjork and Recoil among others, but defy categorisation. Redzone were credited by Wired and Reuters as being the first band to tour in Second Life.

Please note the interview is limited to 40-50 seats. Come early!

Pop Vox Presents Redzone

1:30 PM SLT Set up meet'n'greet http://slurl.com/secondlife/Pop%20Art%20Lab/171/61/104

2:00 PM SLT Interview in Pop Art Lab TV Studio (20-25 mins)

2:45 PM SLT Live concert (45 mins)

After the interview we head to our brand new underground club and the concert starts when we all ready and set.

To stay updated please visit http://popartlab.com

Love, Persia & Claus
Pop Art Lab

To celebrate a brand new sim design of Pop Art Lab and to announce winner of our $L100.000 machinima contest we have set up quite a “production” for April 16. For full 12 hours schedule see

Pop Vox Special!
April 16 US Opening

Host: Persia Bravin

7:00 PM/SLT: Opening Ceremony
Presenting the new design & the creators, Claus Uriza
Guest speaker, Draxtor Despres
Guest speaker, Wiz Nordberg

7:30 PM: Highlights, screening of contest machinimas

8:15 PM: Winner annnouncement of machinima contest, Jeska Linden

8:30 PM: Skye Galaxy (US) (live music)

9:30: PM: Starflower Orbit (US) (live music)

10:30 PM: MoShang Zhao (Taiwan) (live music)

11:30 PM: DJ Fine Caliber


Love, Claus

Coming soon to a world near u! :P

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Which world Claus... are you hinting you are experimenting in "brave" new worlds... hmmmm??

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Me and Persia pronounced Bun haha are up to tons we've 2 major events in the making. Not that we've done much but 2 great SL personalities came to us and said "Hey we love ur sim would u like to host our events and make designs". I said sure.. when I heard a Linden might come do the opening speak! Ok Starr rest is a buried secret till now! Oh btw we'll open a brand new Pop Art Lab design in March and am pretty sure it will kick the butt outta SL!
Grats with new Treet site it sent me on hard work this Sunday! :P

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Grats w. new site Wiz I almost havent been able to sleep last three months since I awaited for this site! :)
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I'll dig further and can't wait to make new Pop Vox shows in 2010!