Coming soon to a world near u! :P

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luv you!!!



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Do tell???

Which world Claus... are you hinting you are experimenting in "brave" new worlds... hmmmm??

What are you and that honey babe host, Persia, up to??

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Oh boy...

Me and Persia pronounced Bun haha are up to tons we've 2 major events in the making. Not that we've done much but 2 great SL personalities came to us and said "Hey we love ur sim would u like to host our events and make designs". I said sure.. when I heard a Linden might come do the opening speak! Ok Starr rest is a buried secret till now! Oh btw we'll open a brand new Pop Art Lab design in March and am pretty sure it will kick the butt outta SL!
Grats with new Treet site it sent me on hard work this Sunday! :P

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You da man!

Claus! Good to see you! You are a brave man. The site is so new you can still smell the paint drying and already you're blogging. Gosh, I guess something must be working! Yay!

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Grats w. new site Wiz I almost havent been able to sleep last three months since I awaited for this site! :)
Looking good and I've played bits with it and it works!
I'll dig further and can't wait to make new Pop Vox shows in 2010!