To celebrate a brand new sim design of Pop Art Lab and to announce winner of our $L100.000 machinima contest we have set up quite a “production” for April 16. For full 12 hours schedule see

Pop Vox Special!
April 16 US Opening

Host: Persia Bravin

7:00 PM/SLT: Opening Ceremony
Presenting the new design & the creators, Claus Uriza
Guest speaker, Draxtor Despres
Guest speaker, Wiz Nordberg

7:30 PM: Highlights, screening of contest machinimas

8:15 PM: Winner annnouncement of machinima contest, Jeska Linden

8:30 PM: Skye Galaxy (US) (live music)

9:30: PM: Starflower Orbit (US) (live music)

10:30 PM: MoShang Zhao (Taiwan) (live music)

11:30 PM: DJ Fine Caliber

Love, Claus

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