Have a look at this awesome stage design! It was designed by Pop Art Lab inhouse designers Emily Hifeng and Xray Haller (textures).
The stage was set at a 4 sim cross enabling 200+ avatars to attend.
The groovy story behind this production is everything went on in my livingroom real life! I set up mixers and 3 computers, Baby Woodrose came with guitars and an old echo box previously owned by legendary 1960's psych legend Roky Erikson who led Texas psych gods 13th Floor Elevators!
About 1 hour and 15 mins before Pop Vox showstart we were eating cheeseburgers in my kitchen (Lorenzo Woodrose, Me and his avi controller). Suddenly Treet guys Skyped heavily "Are u guys ready?" and we realized California and Second Life! had put clock 1 hour back real life. We became very busy but guess we made it!
Check out the live concert it's a rare piece of elegance!

Recording date: March 2009
Recording location (RL): Hvidovre, Copenhagen
Recording location (SL): Pop Art Lab, Moon Park sims
Soundtech: Claus Uriza/Lorenzo Woodrose
Personel: Lorenzo Woodrose (Baby Woodrose), guitar, vox, echobox

Smell of Incense
Slide Machine
Another Time
Masters Of War
It's all over now, Baby Blue
Open Up Your Heart

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Baby Woodrose

Such a shame I missed that one! I hope to see more of the very good Danish bands here... Well done!