Yay! Our very first Pop Vox show feat. the famous Greg Hawkes who did the synths in major 70'-80's pop group The Cars. It's infact a rare pic taken by long time Pop Art Lab supporter Ryan Rasmussen. I could make a 3 page story on this show since so much happened behind the scene! By now I'll leave it to few shoutouts. Greg Hawkes did an awesome job and to me very brave to enter Pop Vox at his very first day in Second Life! I strongly recommend readers to go to our archive here and listen to Gregs 45 min. concert. Armed with his fave Ukulele he takes us on a psychedelic journey through Beatles covers, The Cars songs and his own making one of the most unique and special live shows I've ever experienced in SL. It's so real you can even hear a busy cellphone in the back of one song LIVE from Bostons Cybersound Studio!
Thank you Greg this has to be one of my top fave moments in SL!

Recording date: December 12th 2008 2 PM PST
Recording location (RL): Cybersound Studio, Boston
Recording location (SL): Pop Art Lab, Moon Park sim
Soundtech: Perry Geyer
Personel: Greg Hawkes, ukulele/vox

Just what I needed
Here comes ditto
Where's Andrew Wolf?
Into the sun
Heartbeat City
Here there & everywhere (Lennon/McCartney)
Blue jay way (Harrison)
Moving in stereo
You might think
Keep me warm

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