Guess this was March 2009 where the ever inspiring and polite Mankind Tracer entered one of our shows. It happened that he was voted Best Male Artist in Linden Labs user generated contests few days before. It was perfect timing and looking back one of our most successfull shows! Not only a fun interview but check out the live concert. The sound and setup was perfect and ofcourse it helped Mankind Tracers fans filled up the 3 sims we made for audience. Oh not to mention the ever sexy Tracerettes the dancers!
Btw I first met Mankind when we did our very first Pop Vox feat. The Cars' Greg Hawkes. We were having real trouble close to showstart getting sound from Boston and Mankind came helped out 45 mins on Skype and suddenly we were rolling. Big kudus to Mankind and more on the Greg Hawkes show when I upload pic from that event.

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Mankind Tracer is the absolute BEST live performer in all of Second Life. Forget all the awards, he is just plain AWESOME! Great guy to boot as far as I can tell