One of Second Lifes most original and to me exciting bands Engrama came in back in October 2009. Originating from Buenos Aires, Argentina this show looked like an easy job since they already were familiar with SL touring. Yet again new challenges occured. Firstly they weren't speaking much English and secondly streamed their music as non-digital as possible. No headsets and only their singing microphone we had to switch back and forth during interview to maintain lipsych working. Also of note we had some huge events close to this show so we barely had time to promote or even host it. When that said go see the show! The interview gives you an up close insight to this unique duo. The live concert is one of the most thrilling I ever experienced in SL although the audience acted in total silence throughout the set. Honestly everyone went into the beautiful Engrama trance.
Besitos Engrama!
PS: Lastly the pic here wasn't shot at show but at a late night surprise gig at our 1 year anniversary. Thanks to Cyberloom for pic. Will try dig up snaps if any exists!

Recording date: October 19th 2009, 2 PM PST
Recording location (RL): Buenos Aires
Recording location (SL): Pop Art Lab sim
Engrama: Lakua Arriaga, drums/vox and Pupito Abrahams, guitar/vox

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