Delinda Dyrssen
Don"t Worry be Happy

Chapman Zane Liven Kickin PromoChapman Zane Liven Kickin Promo
Chapman Zane (Chapman Jones in RL) brings the classic sound of simple acoustic arrangements to your musical table. If you ask him what he sounds like he’ll tell you straight up, “well, I don’t sound like AC/DC.” And then give a smile. Chap’s been playing acoustic guitar for several decades. He loves his guitars with a passion and names them all. His favorite is Ruby, an old Guild D25 the love of his life gave him. You’ll hear Ruby on most every cut he does.

Chap lives in the Southern Bluegrass region of Kentucky out on the Cumberland Plateau. As he likes to say, “dead East of the Great Plains and dead South of the Great Lakes.” Along with his wife, the ever so lovely Catherine Faye, Petey, who is an Australian Shepherd Chap call’s “Sparky The Barky Dog”, several cats, a boatload of wildlife and a forest of beautiful pine trees, Chap enjoys life on the farm and writing his tunes. Check out for more info..

Woop em' Up LodgeWoop em' Up Lodge
WhoopEm Up Island is an exquisitely rustic sanctuary boasting several distinguished live music venues including the Rockin’ Roost Roadhouse, Fellowship Gardens, The WhoopEm Up Lodge and the very special Frog Hollow Campfire Theater. WhoopEm Up Island is deeply mixed into the voracious appetite of Second Life music. With a constant serving of music every evening to suit almost any musical palate, the main course is live singer/songwriters with a flair for the acoustic jangle. Raven Bechir and Mikcl Martian are the owners and most gracious hosts of these wonderful venues. Their personal dedication to SL music and SL musicians is what makes WhoopEm Up Island a treasure island of melodies and music. … A perfect location to film Chapman this week on Live n Kickin..

The FollowThe Follow
The Follow are the first band to be invited back on Live n Kickin because this week we have a big event we are proud to be a part of.. The First ever Treet TV Expo. Big Event ..we want a big sound.. and The Follow Fits the bill.

Best friends formed a band in High School called The Follow that has endured for over two decades. The driving force behind this panoramic rock band is their friendship and the spiritual connection that they have within the music. They celebrate with you, they cry with you, they shout with you, they rock with you!

Visit for a current show schedule, videos, free music, and more exciting information about The Follow.

Visit Northpoint Sunday night (right after Tonight Live with Paisley Beebe) just outside her studio weve setup a temporary stage and specail effects where you will be rocked by The Follow.

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I love live performances!

I don't get to check them out often however, I love live performances. When lag avoids me I get a chance to enjoy the music and enjoy the manifestation of my imagination come true. A Second Life music industry which is growing and developing -- got to love it.

Frederick ReedFrederick ReedFunkyFreddy Republic (Frederick Reed in RL) is a gifted composer and multi-instrumentalist with a unique sound and melodic style. He has composed and performed music for Sesame Street, Wall Street Journal TV, PBS, Time Warner, Strange Universe, etc.

He also composed the soundtrack for "Borders" with Steve Buscemi and theFunkyFreddy RepublicFunkyFreddy Republic Emmy award winning documentary "Metaphoria". His song, "My Secret Life" from the "Frederick 4 - Themes From Imaginary Lands" CD, was featured on the NPR show "Echoes" by John Diliberto.

Artists he has collaborated with include Jeff Buckley, Deee-Lite, Susan McKeown, Gary Lucas, Pete Shelly (the Buzzcocks) and Ed Hamell of Hamell On Trail, on whose "Tough Love" (Righteous Babe records) CD he produced several tracks along with Ani DiFranco, John Leckie and others. Recently he cowrote and played on many tracks of "Fused" by Richard Khuzami, where he appears along side of many luminaries of World music. More about Freddy here

Voted one of the top 20 regions of Second Life most visited in 2009 by users of Koinup , Miki Morigi's "Aught Sim" with It's wild grasses, trees and ivy curling around the forgotten buildings and abandoned railway lines seems to be a perfect place to capture this special Live performance by FunkyFreddy.

On Live n Kickin Aug 24, 2010
Vincent MerrickVincent Merrick
Vincent Merricks aka Todd Cody in RL was born in Long Beach, California and raised in Massachusetts, Florida and Arizona. He began playing guitar at 8 years old and wrote his first song at 14. He has been writing and performing for over 20 years. As a solo performer or with various bands, he has played for lodges, bars and lounges in Massachusetts, Arizona and Florida . He's written songs in many genres including pop, blues and jazz, but write and performs mostly contemporary country music.
The lyrics to his song "New Religion' received Honorable Mention in the American Songwriter Magazine lyric contest for January/February 2008. He has been performing as Vincent Merricks in Second Life since mid-September 2007 and has regular shows each week. Check out and
Since Vincent is an excellent artist and has written some Jazz Music .. He fits right in at The Fabulous Circe Broom's Sunset Jazz Club where he performs every week and will be performing this week on Live n Kickin.
Sunset Jazz ClubSunset Jazz Club

The Sunset is owned and operated by Circe Broom, long time Second Life resident, mentor and supporter to many of SL’s most talented musicians. The Sunset bills itself as “SL's premiere Jazz Club, Birthplace of Jazz in SL. GREAT Jazz in an exquisitely beautiful club.” There are secluded spots for relaxing with friends or for romance or simply for one to sit in a hidden nook and just listen and enjoy the music.

This week July 27,10 on Live n Kickin..
Guitar ZaneGuitar Zane

There's been a buzz going around The SecondLife Music Scene lately.. people are saying you gotta check out this guy who calls himself Guitar Zane. We at Live n Kickin decided to do just that and once we heard him we knew we had to get him on the show.
Guitar Zane (sorry we cant share his real name here) is a Texan with 20 years of experience performing. He plays an eclectic mix of music, giving it his own edgy style; as well as powerful original pieces. From top 40, blues, country, rock and more, Guitar's vocals will make you melt and his energy will get you moving! If you haven't heard him yet you definitely dont want to miss this weeks show because this guy Rocks!

Taxii On Broadway: Photo by Goose WycliffTaxii On Broadway: Photo by Goose Wycliff

At Broadway live Island home of Times Square in SecondLife You can walk through a three dimensional world devoted to Art, Music and all things theatre. You can chat with fellow people at a virtual coffee bar and share your favorite theatre stories. Or stop by the piano bar and listen to streaming Broadway Tunes. And should you have a show that you want people to know about, you can rent some land and create a virtual three dimensional presence for your show or theatre activity. And that's only the beginning -more about Broadway Live Island on their website

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Feelin the CHILL!

No one is more deserving of this opportunity than Mr Chill!

Tuesday July 20,10 on Live n Kickin.
Zen RevnikZen Revnik

Oklahoma City Singer- Songwriter Zen Revnik (John Randolph in real life) merges pop, rock, folk, americana, and jazz. His lyrics honestly explore the depths of depression, but with optimistic self-revelation. He writes about the complexities of relationships, a desire for
acceptance, and a longing for clarity. Using percussive rhythms and jazz progressions with accessible pop sensibilities, Randolph delivers expressive, Appalachian-tinged vocals.

Zen Revnik John Randolph in RLZen Revnik John Randolph in RLRaised in the Mid-Ohio Valley, John Randolph was handed his father’s trumpet when he was only two years old and surprised his family with one perfect tone. “My parents were always very supportive of my music and made sure I had the tools to pursue it”, says Randolph. He grew up listening to his father’s Herb Alpert, Al Hurt, and Rafael Mendez records. In junior high school he discovered 1980’s contemporary jazz artists like Wynton Marsalis and Jeff Tyzik and the iconic Miles Davis, and Doc Severinson. He started writing songs and playing piano at sixteen, under the pop influence of Richard Marx, Phil Collins and Peter Gabriel.

In His early 20′s John picked up the guitar and listening to alternative bands like Toad the Wet Sprocket and Big Head Todd and The Monsters, and was inspired to form his first rock band, Mundane Rain. The group played predominately to the college crowd and the festival circuit.. more of John’s Bio on his website

“I feel that I have really only begun to scratch the surface of my songwriting abilities and feel I am always evolving as a musician. I love getting the opportunity to share my music and hope to inspire others the way I have been inspired.” ~John Randolph

Frank Lloyd Wright June 8, 1867 – April 9, 1959
Frank Lloyd Wright was an american Architect who inspired countless others. In 1991, the American Institute of Architects named Wright the greatest American architect of all time and Architectural Record published a list of the one hundred most important buildings of the previous century. Twelve Frank Lloyd Wright buildings appeared, including Fallingwater.

Fallingwater exemplifies Wright’s passion for the outdoors, open social gathering places such as the very deck that extends from the home where we will film this weeks Live n Kickin thanks to the FLW Virtual Museum in Second Life licensed by The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation.
Fallingwater FLW Virtual MuseumFallingwater FLW Virtual Museum

“The FLW Virtual Museum exists within the virtual world of Second Life and is intended to serve as an educational construct allowing visitors to immerse themselves in a 3D environment of the works of architect Frank Lloyd Wright sm. The Virtual Museum is located on a 16 acre landmass named Usonia and houses many reproductions of Wrights buildings, art glass, furniture and in-depth information pertaining to his creations.” ~FLW Virtual Museum

Moshang: Moshang by Atomic GafferMoshang: Moshang by Atomic Gaffer
Originally from South Africa, sound jeweler MoShang Zhao has been living in Taiwan since 2003 and became a “son-in-law of Taiwan” in 2009. He has released four full-length albums and an EP and has been featured on a number of compilation- and collaboration-albums. His most recent release is Suncake Lounge Vol. 1 with Australian guitarist, Chris Bailey. He is responsible for the Live Online Podcast in which he shares one of his live performances each week for free download. He has won a South African award for his music to a short-film, his music has been featured on the Discovery Channel, and one of his tracks is currently being distributed internationally with the Ubuntu operating system. More about Moshang at
China Tang EmpireChina Tang Empire

Valor Renilo's China Tang Empire sim was created to be a little window into the Chinese culture. Tang dynasty was the height, the Golden Age of ancient China. Today, we see parallel, the rise of another Golden Age. I thought a reminder of the past would be an interesting parallel. Valor says there are many people who he has met in SL who have yet to travel out of their own confines, be it their homes, their towns, their citiies, or their countries. For those who cannot explore the world, and who cannot see - aside from books and television, what lies beyond their backyards, SL is the perfect medium for them to embark on their explorations. And hence, the birth of China Tang.

It took a team of three for China Tang, including Cayenne Republic, ryusho Ort
Most of the ground-level builds have been done with great precision and accordance, as much as SL and space allowed, to pre-existing Tang dynasty builds.
China Tang 2China Tang 2
"Although I have picked up Chinese (Mandarin) while growing up in Mahattan, it was not untl much later that I had the chance to spend a year and half in Beijing, China to fully immerse myself in an entirely Chinese environment - to learn the language, to know the people, and to scrape the tip of the cultural iceberg. I have always been enthralled by the Asian culture. My travels and work in different parts of Asia has enriched my experience, and at the same time, shown me how little I know, and how much there is still out there to be explored -- and this underlines the motivation behind creating this sim". ~Valor Renilo

Valor has collaborated to with Moshang and Live n Kickin to add Authentic Chinese Dancers for this weeks Show!

Moondoggirl Moomintoog (Jan Edwards in 1stlife) is originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota, she cut her teeth on folk, lost her innocence to rock, and came of age with country. Her writing today reflects different country styles from pop to soul. In 2006 she moved from “the land of 10 thousand lakes,” to Nashville, Tennessee, “the land of 10 thousand songwriters,” to focus on her writing.

When asked to describe her own music she’d tell you it will groove, bruise and move you…it’s a real mix of country twang with fangs! If you ask her who her influences are, you will be surprised to learn she has a love for nearly every imaginable genre of music, and they all come through in her writing. They range from Bonnie Raitt, Joni Mitchell, Carly Simon, Linda Ronstadt, Sheryl Crow, Waylon Jennings and The Outlaws, Emmylou Harris, Bobbie Gentry and Dusty Springfield, Elvis Costello, Jonatha Brooke, Lyle Lovett, The Beatles, Patsy Cline, Billie Holliday and all the old jazz standards, and she says, “now there are so many new country influences too numerous to mention…” more at
Moondoggirl is the owner of the 6 sim estate called MOONACY, established early 2009. The latest sim project is MOON GROW, a build based on the real life Leiper’s Fork, just outside of Nashville, TN. Known as a songwriter’s haven, musicians and tourists flock to see the tiny town with nothing more than a grocery store called, Puckett’s Grocery, a couple antique stores, cafes and retail shops. Moon and her builder, Wote Botha, and the brain children of the Second Life recreation of this unique and artsy community. While the build is still in progress, the farm has been completed, an old church, Moonpuckett’s Grocery and the gallery. Moondoggirl and her Builder are working feverishly to have it ready for Live n Kickin. Come and get a feel for the south DOWN ON THE FARM!!


..However you can watch it live right here on TREET.TV and you wont get a drop of rain on you! :-)

Louis VolareLouis VolareLouis Volare (Louis Landon in 1st life’s) musical range as a pianist has been highlighted over the years performing and touring with such mainstream names and international icons as Mikhail Baryshnikov, John Payne, Rupert Holmes, and John Hall. From classical repertoire to jazz, pop and rock, Landon has used his expressive gifts and talent to his full advantage for others. Now on a mission as a solo pianist, Landon’s intrinsic gifts fulfill a new purpose in a different genre, while integrating many ideals from the past.
Louis LandonLouis Landon
Peacekeeper is the muse most recently peering over Landon’s shoulder as he upholds a passionate belief that music is the most significant and likely medium to bring peace and harmony to a weary, and war-torn world. He realized a few years ago, stylistically it’s his own music – the solo compositions that bring him so much joy and peace – that resonates deeply with his audience.

Louis Landon’s solo piano project: Improvs for Peace. This was started on June 2, 2008 and will continue until the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are over and the troops come home. At least once a week , a new Improv for Peace will be posted on FileDEN for free download. Find out more about Louis at

visiwavisiwaFor a musician like Louis we had to find a location with an international kinda ”world feel” to it and thats why we chose Visiwa vee-see-wa “The Islands”. Particualry the Coastal Village of Kijiji with its beautifully blended mixture of Italy, France and South Africa is the centerpiece of The Secondlife Showcased development of “Club Visiwa Estate”. When you visit Kijiji and walk the narrow european streets and canals it feels like your on a Virtual Holiday and you can almost smell the bread baking in a corner bakery.
Club visiwaClub visiwa

Here is an interesting bit about Visiwa from their website.. “Most of the content you will experience here is unique and built by us. A good example is our extremely realistic OceanTek realistic Ocean Technology, the movement in the surf waves is random and unpredicted with both forward and backwash movement all at no lag, while the shorewaves have realistic shore wave action starting with a roll at the waterline, and running up onto the beach. Visit the public beach and enjoy the technology that you cannot see anywhere else – only in SL™, and only at Visiwa.”

When: 9PM PST (SLT) June 22.10


Pmann SandsPmann SandsPmann Sands (Steve Paterson in RL) Began his musical career in Vancouver, Canada. He Wrote/Co-Wrote songs and performed them live throughout Western Canada with the band Saint Eves. As a Rock Musician, he performs songs he has recorded with The Saint Eves Project in Vancouver BC, and now lives in Calgary Alberta and is busy recording local bands from his home studio.
Pmann plays Guitar/Keyboards and was the Lead Singer of the dBSp Band in Second Life. Nominated for “Best Band” at the Lema Awards March 2009. Pmann now performs with The Daek Brothers Band in SecondLife. Check out

MadPeaMadPeaMadPea Productions is an international team of young game designers, writers and coders. The goal for them is to create fantasies that challenge the players’ imagination,make their brain tick and lure them into a world where they unravel a mystery. When you visit The MadPea sims you will soon see why MPP has been in the headlines of the New World Notes,, SL Enquirer, ( as well as several others including large influencial SL communities such as ‘The Best of SL’ and ‘Impossible in RL’. All new games that they create, have a reserved place in the Linden Destination Guide.

A special thanks to Kiana Writer, Director of MadPea Productions, for this weeks Live n Kickin Location.

MadPea sims are owned and generously sponsored by Dusan Writer and Remedy limited.