After a nice long weekend it's time for a little competition for all you pro boarders and those of you who are new to the sport. Each Wednesday, we hold and Open event (Anyone can register) for anyone who would like to come join in the fun. The competition will take place at Dream Horizon and registrations in the HUB will be available till 11:30am PST. The event will then take place at 12:00pm PST. So come join us and break out those simboards or just sit back and enjoy the show. Hope to see you there!

Well as some of you may have noticed, last Sunday's competition had to be canceled due to some problems that just could not be avoided. One of our judges was out due to falling ill and another was out of town which left us short handed. Just wouldn't be fair to have only one opinion counting towards scores so we didn't have much to work with. We hope to see you all next Sunday back in the park!

~ Jesiah Carver

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Yeah I wasn't able to get on

Yeah I wasn't able to get on either for other work related issues.
We're always looking for more dedicated judges of course.
Oh and hosts/announcers. I wonder if we should post a sticky in the forums here about needing more of those.

Or in the Treet forums rather.

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Yes, was sad to see it

Yes, was sad to see it cancelled, but look forward to it Sunday!

Hey, Jesiah, great to see you here too! There are some very cool features we have on the way to help people promote clips and their favorite moments, plus all kinds of stuff, so I am hoping the site can be a really big help to the people interested in the VSN videos.

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I could see a migration from

I could see a migration from the currently used ning site for vsn over here, its got the social framework needed to facilitate the interaction desired for promoting involvement in simboarding, not to mention it has all the awesome videos available! Good job on the new look treet im diggin it, it blends in beautifully with my os colors =)

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Glad you like it RobsterRawb.

Glad you like it RobsterRawb. Coming from one of my favorite simboarders, that's high praise!

I'm sure we don't have as many features as ning! But, yes, we are focused on video to the max, and it's good to hear you think this has potential. One cool feature we have in beta is "user clips". Check out the Snail Racing Page and take a look at the "Favorite Clips" tab. All of those are "instant clips that Snail fans have made of sections of the show they like.

We can sign up anybody for the Beta really quick, just send us a contact mail. We'll open a Beta forum soon so people can find out which new features are available to beta users.

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Very cool layout

Yeah i like what you guys have done with the your site. Very nice. Awesome idea with the favorite clips. I may have to jump on board with that beta as well, very cool stuff you guys have in the works.