Krackmaniac Robonaught
Never end a run while grinding on your melon.......

I've been in Second Life for nearly 2 years now.
I'm the team leader for the Rockerz in the VSN community.
My best score is 9 with a total of 25.
I'm an architect, but scripting is not my cup of tea.
I work at Blockstars, we produce male clothing and Simboard modifications.
I live in the state of Washington in the US.
I'm a dude and i'm 23.

If you have any questions about simboarding or about Blockstars, you can hit me a line on here or in game.

This thread is to help out any new people who would like to try the sport. Quite a few people have tried to make instructional videos that would help out any newbies, and i'm going to share with you which ones i think can really help ya. I figure i'll start these video tutorials off with the creator of the simboard and owner of Vetox, Sean Martin. Now if you can get past the fact that he's trying to hypnotize you, there's actually quite a bit you can learn from this video. Check it out here . Also you can check out Socks video, I don't feel it explains as much but it won't put you to sleep either. Check it out here . Well hope everybody enjoys these videos and catch yall on the pipe.

For those of you who did not see this event live it was a great one. With a line up with the likes of Cameron Kayo, Socks Clawtooth, Arteee Nubert, Ikiryo Waverider and Kharnak Ren what could you really expect. I won't reveal any juicy details for those of you who didn't see it, lets just say big moves don't count for everything. Hope to see everybody next week for the Pro Halfpipe event and keep on gri...... no i can't steal cyphiens line. That's just not my style. well, now that i think bout it... i don't have any style... KEEP ON GRINDING