Lauren Weyland
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Lauren was born on Sandbox Island on October 1, 2006 into a relatively modest family. Poorly educated and half naked she was turned out into the world, unable to learn the craft of building or scripting Lauren instead learned to make watercress sandwiches for those who could build and entertained them with her jokes. Since then she has moved on and performed at dozens of Clubs, Corporate Events, and enumerable Benefits. She has written and performed in Theater Plays, and maintains a regular show every Wednesday night at her club "Lauren's Place" on Cookie Island.

Lauren has one child Lula. In a quirk of SecondLlife she lives in the sim Old Wives although she has never been married. When not working on comedy Lauren can be found landscaping at her home, making a gourmet meal or just kicking back on her dock reading a good novel. She is also writing an autobiography called, "Beneath The Skin: Second Life Exposed" and " Laughter - The orgasm you don't have to worry about if your partner is finished."

LaurenLive Fourth Season PremierLaurenLive Fourth Season Premier

Tonight LIVE on Treet.TV LaurenLive and friends. We have SecondLie, Veritas, Doc, Bubblegum, Catifsh and at 6pm Tamra Sands. All live and in the flesh. Watch everything here since sim Cookie will be packed. HUGS TO ALL ...WE ARE LIVE AGAIN

Last night, July 26, was one of the best shows yet. If you didn't get a chance to see it stay tune right here since it will be archived soon.

I want to thank everyone who was involved. The comedians Doc Grun, Bubblepop Unplugged and Voices of Angels.

A special thanks goes out to Howdy who recorded the show last night.

There's magic happening at Lauren's Place every Tuesday night at 5pm SLT.

Love Lauren

Center stage at SL8B lots of new material and hopefully a funny night. If you are in world come stop by. If you are not in world what the heck are you doing? My only fear tonight is that my panties might not rez. Oh btw SL8B takes Visa not American Express.LaurenLauren

Every Tuesday night 5pm SLT the best Comedians come to Lauren's Place to practice their gigs. This is LIVE. And then on the 3rd Monday of each month the best of the best are recorded in a Treet.TV event. At 6pm SLT JWheels Presents a fabulous hour of live music. So get out before some congressman sends you a TWiener. BTW in the News today scientists (this is true) tested working out in a virtual gym in SecondLife or going to a gym and working out in Firstlife. Do you know what they found out? Those in the virtual gym lost more weight and became better eaters. Finally the New Yorker magazine (the highest class magazine in the USA) reviewed a movie on SecondLife ( )

Every Tuesday we have an open mic. Come try out your funny. If you don't want to perform but would like someone to try out something you wrote bring it on. The best of the best get to perform at the LaurenLive Treet.TV showcase on the 3rd Monday of each month. Also, at 6pm SLT we have an hour of live music. Tonight is Moxy Barracuda. He's been away for awhile so tonight is welcome home.

If you want to see one of the best episodes of LaurenLive in SecondLife may I suggest the current show. It stars so many great comics. Every viewer will receive a refurbished hospital potty pan since you won't be able to hold it in as you laugh.

Monday - May 9th - 6pm SLT: An event of the season. For the first time LaurenLive and Treet.TV will bring you a special episode. We will have guest comedians in the funniest show to ever be shown from SecondLife. (Phaylen I know you aren't listening).
Lauren Weyland
Catfish String
Bubblepop Unplugged
Doc Grun
hope to tickle your funny bones.
There may be others lurking in the audience and a few very special stars including Lady Gaga, Cher, Brad Pitt, Obama, William Shakespeare, Aristotle, King Tut and others will be on hand. Special Forces will be in charge of crowd control and of course Osama Bin Dead will not be attending.
So...MARK YOUR CALENDARS....scratch the date on your mate....lipstick the mirror....Post-It to your brain...See you MONDAY...MAY 9th...

Okay...this is from Tuesday when we try stuff out. But stay tuned for a Comedy Special on May 9th at 6pm SLT when Treet.TV will present the first LaurenLive special with new talent and new jokes. Hope you can all make it. To get a little taste of the Big Show go here

Lauren Weyland will bring you a half-hour of comedy with Treet.TV recording it for generations to come. So come on by and have a laugh...It's Monday and you probably need it already..