Monday - May 9th - 6pm SLT: An event of the season. For the first time LaurenLive and Treet.TV will bring you a special episode. We will have guest comedians in the funniest show to ever be shown from SecondLife. (Phaylen I know you aren't listening).
Lauren Weyland
Catfish String
Bubblepop Unplugged
Doc Grun
hope to tickle your funny bones.
There may be others lurking in the audience and a few very special stars including Lady Gaga, Cher, Brad Pitt, Obama, William Shakespeare, Aristotle, King Tut and others will be on hand. Special Forces will be in charge of crowd control and of course Osama Bin Dead will not be attending.
So...MARK YOUR CALENDARS....scratch the date on your mate....lipstick the mirror....Post-It to your brain...See you MONDAY...MAY 9th...

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