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This week on Tonight Live! Pets, Frets, Internet Censorship.

24th January 2010 6pm at Northpoint at the Tonight Live Studios

This week on Tonight Live we bring you Pets. breed-able, wearable, all types. Why have em? What do they do? Sapphira Laval a Partner in the “Boxed Turtle of Avalar” shop in Second life, who is a huge fan of virtual pets will tell us the secrets of owning pets and why this is one of the most amazing phenomenon’s to hit the grid for the people that sell them and the people that own them. She and her partners at “Boxed Turtle” beta tests newly released pets and she told us that she has a suprise for us on the show!

We also meet an incredibel finger pickin guitarist who has found a huge following here in second life. Frets Nirvana, he plays anyhing from George Harrison songs to classical blue grass. His playing is amazing and his musical journey is quite a story also.

Frets has been in the music business all his life. He owned a commercial recording studio for a number of years. And as such was the owner and main recording engineer recording all kinds of music. This was not just a home studio but a full fledged commercial studio for hire. He also played on sessions as a guitar player at times.

Frets also got into marketing and sales and was the Director of Marketing for Gibson guitar for about five years. And got to know and integrate with a number of high profile artists. Including Chet Atkins, Jerry Reed, Aerosmith, The Eagles and many more.

He actually quit playing guitar on a regular basis for quite a few years due to all of this other activity. And only got back to playing guitar a little over five years ago, which is when he started playing fingerstyle guitar, having never played that style before.

Australia is in the grip of a censorship crisis. The Australian Govt.has announced that the Australian Internet is to be censored, with a filter and a Black List, starting around March of this year. This Announcement has caused outrage in the Australian IT community the intellectual community, and civil Rights groups, both here in Australia and Overseas.

The biggest concern for internet users in Australia is that the task to effectivley screen out the really bad internet nasties may mean that other innocent sites may also get caught up in the filter, and also that the filters may degrade our allready sub-par internet experience, Australia allready having a very slow and limited Internet.

What does this do to our basic civil rights? Is Australia sliding backwards to the bad old days of the 50’s with this move? Or leading the way in a new trend to further the so called “Nanny State”

Lowell Cremorne is the founder of “The Metaverse Journal” one of the virtual worlds most read blogs who is also based in Australia. What does this mean for Australians in second life? What does it mean for other countries who’is government might be watching us to see what happens. Join the discussion This Sunday at 6pm slt at Northpoint Studio.

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