Support "Tonight Live with Paisley Beebe"Support "Tonight Live with Paisley Beebe"

Paisley Beebe of Perfect World Production is pleased to announce a new partner program for supporters of "Tonight Live with Paisley Beebe".

Now you can show your support to “Tonight Live”, by “buying” an audience seat in this studio. This will entitle you to having your name or company’s name, and a link or SLurl on a plaque on the back of a chair of your choice – (prices vary depending on location in studio), for one year. You will then be given first option to renew at the end of that year prior to the chair being returned into the pool. Right click the Plaque on the chair of your choice and buy. Send details to Paisley Beebe see notecard for details.

While this will not reserve that chair for you at the studio during our shows, it will show your support of your favorite show and help us to keep doing what we do best!

PWP is an important partner of Treet.TV and responsible for production of three of’s most popular shows, providing a showcase and a platform for already over 400 of the most talented artists and contributors to SL. Funding for these shows has been entirely carried by Paisley Beebe and a small amount of dedicated sponsors.Your support and participation in keeping the Arts and Culture alive in Second Life is greatly appreciated.
TP out to the studio and buy off the Back of the Chairs.
Prices are from 5K - 20K depending on the position of the Seat.

Visitor Comments
JewleRae's picture

Chair Sponsorship Should Include Reserved Seat

Attended my first live studio broadcast last night. Something to consider -- holding the sponsored seat as reserved for sponsor or sponsor's guest up until 10 minutes before show. That way the sponsor would take on some responsibility for promoting the show, too.

Great show, BTW.

PaisleyBeebe's picture

yes but...

Could cause a fight :) and what do you do when someone sits on it..."Um scews me thats @secondlies seat please vacate untill he arrives"...or rope it off...nah. I took this model from the theatres I visit in my home town that do the same thing. The seat is purchased in support of the theatre and for anyone to book. Wouldn't want it to feel too exclusive. But thanks for the suggestion.