What A Great Show to start 2011!

We had a full house for this show!
Pathfinder Lester and Paisley BeebePathfinder Lester and Paisley Beebe


On this episode, Wiz Nordberg talked about what is happening with Media inside of Second Life and in Real Life and where its all heading, pay for content? Wiz also talks about Treet.tv’s future and what they are going to be offering Second Life Producers this year.

Pete Mroz/Pilgrim Swashbuckler sang an incredible song from his upcoming Album, and then talked about his plans for his next Album, about Kickstarter an online program for raising funds for startups and creative projects, and how he reacted to the incredible disappointment at losing an investor when he was a week away from recording with a famous Record Producer.

Pathfinder Lester nee Linden talked about his days at Linden Lab, what he thinks about their new CEO, and where Linden Lab need to concentrate their efforts now to get Second Life Back on the Map. About their Marketing, and about his thoughts on Interoperability between virtual Worlds, and his disappointment with the Education Sector losing their benefits from Linden Lab.

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