This Week On Tonight Live With Paisley Beebe!
Sunday 20th February 2011 6pm slt

Motion CaptureMotion CaptureMove your avatar in Second Life with no restrictions PLUS! A Sumerian Artificial Intelligence village is created in Second Life teaches Aussie Uni Students about the life and times in Sumeria in 3000 BC…
Dr Anton Bogdanovych is Shaqq Korobase in Second Life. Dr Anton Bogdanovych is currently Conducting research related to virtual reality, artificial intelligence, human-computer interaction, motion capture. He is currently employed as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the University of Western Sydney, School of Computing and Mathematics. Dr Bogdanovych leads the Uruk project aiming at recreating the way of life of ancient Sumerians in the period around 3000 B.C. using Artificial Intelligence. He has also been working extensively on Motion Capture and its use beyond simple animation in the virtual world.

Shadez RhapsodyShadez RhapsodyMusician Shadez Rhapsody brings over 33 years of musical passion to Second Life. As a young musician Shadez played the trombone and tuba realizing that it wasn’t the size of the instrument but how loud it could be that mattered. His first real paycheck bought him a 68 Gibson EB3 bass and he has never looked back. After touring with top bands and acts over the last 3 decades Shadez has perfected a sound that is all his own. He has just released his Album and is donating all proceeds to Venues in Second Life.

SecondLie ScribeSecondLie ScribeWe also have the honour to present SecondLie Scribe on our show as a guest…filling in for Rod Humble..who…couldn’t make it this week..because of a tragedy.. beyond words.. cough…..ummm. SecondLie has his own TV show on, he is a very well followed Twitterer, AND STAR OF TREET.TV..(so I hate him..) and Rod Humble is “watching” him, (ewwww), so what he says is noted…by our …king our leader..our…Mr Humble! Second Lie will be answering questions that I normally would have had for Mr Humble, (but he was far too intimidated to answer)… and at last we will get real answers instead of …”Um Im the new guy..” and “ah too soon…” or ” I wasn’t there…it wasn’t me…and I DIDN’T DO IT!”
As usual the show starts at 6pm slt at Sailors Cove, get there early for this one!
See you Sunday 6pm slt at the Newly Located Studio at Sailors Cove, If you want to be in the audience, I suggest you get there at 5.30pm. The show is also as allways broadcast out to the Web at 6pm at or on your home Screens on the live channel. And now also at
You can also join the online chat by joining the “Tonight Live withPaisley Beebe” group in Second Life, the group chat is ported over to the live website and Paisley watches the live chat during her interviews for questions to her guests.
If you would like to know who is going to be on the show each week, join our subscribomatic placed at the studio, to unsubscribe just click the subscribomatic again. Anyone who can’t get in to the studio during the show, can watch the show live here
The show will then be uploaded to the Treet.Tv website and available on iTunes as a download.
All our shows are now available on Flash Player which means cleaner crisper definition, and the ability to copy and paste the player on your own website
You can now subscribe to the Tonight Live With Paisley Beebe Show Feed also from Just add this feed to your favourite RSS feed reader.

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