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This Sunday 6th March 6pm on Tonight Live With Paisley Beebe

The Interview you have all been waiting for!

GreenZone Speaks UP About RedZone

Exclusive Interview this Sunday!

GreenZoneGreenZoneThis Sunday I’ll be interviewing Azure Twine who is the english speaking representative from the GreenZone Team who created a HUD detection device to warn wearers about the security device RedZone, called GreenZone.

The security device RedZone developed by Second Life resident zFire Xue has been in the news these last few weeks because awareness of its privacy violation concerns has reached a zenith, particularly in the S.L Jira started by SmoothKitty Beverly on the 7th Feb 2011 (with 1622 votes at time of press) and on various blogs and message boards like SLUniverse (329 pages at last count!). However concern about RedZone goes right back to middle of last year on the Jira.

RedZone is a security device which tracks and stores I.P addresses of Avatars it scans when you land at the parcel where it is rezzed, it also lists, for the owner of the device, all alts associated with your I.P address, IF when scanned you have a Second Life browser media button active at the time, it then has the ability to show its owner ALL the Alts associated with that I.P address, whether you are at Starbucks or at home…. There is also a RedZone HUD which can also scan people without their consent anywhere on the grid, and show up ALL their associated alts also. There has been an absolute furor on the Second Life Jira over this, that it reached the No 2 spot on the status list, with a huge amount of posts…(keep scrolling…keep scrolling….)

RedZone owner zFire Xue, and his supporters, according to his posts on the Jira and on his website’s forum, claim that unless you have something to hide, why worry? Their supporters want security and keep in mind, RedZone is used by some extremely high profile residents, who feel that Linden Lab is NOT protecting them adequately from copybotting and greifing. The GreenZone group and other anti -RedZone detractors, don’t agree, claiming that they have an absolute right to privacy regardless. There are accusations of GreenZone HUD wearers and supporters being greifers, accusations of copybotting by Greenzone that led to the creation of the GreenZone HUD, and accusations of the RedZone HUD and the device being used to stalk and embarrass avatars being scanned by having their Alts outed. Sadly there are also stories of people being embarrassed into leaving Second Life completely, as a result of their alts being outed.

On Wednesday of this week, Soft Linden announced on the very looong….Second Life Jira that elements of the RedZone device that expose alternative accounts (Alts) were now deemed against the TOS, (Terms Of Service) (which had been recently updated by Linden Lab, it seems, to clear up the issue of alts being shared publicly) Soft Linden announced that Linden Lab had forcibly removed the RedZone Vendor from the SL Market place, and asked, that residents report any violation of privacy in regards to the logging and sharing of alternative (Alt) Second Life accounts. RedZone vendors however are still selling RedZone on the grid, (I saw one myself) and RedZone is still being used on the grid, (as I also witnessed), apparently it has been altered so that Alts cannot be seen, but alts can still be banned. So is it banned or not?

The hole in privacy security caused by the Media players in all Second Life browsers from which the RedZone device and others like it can access your I.P has not been plugged, and until it is…the security risk is still there, with people refusing to use the media buttons in SL at all now, until they can be sure that there is no longer a risk. zFire Xue in a recent post threatened to go “underground” or expose the I.P’s ect…on the web.
There is talk about viewers adding media streaming url alerts, and just turning off your media players, but just I believe turning off your media player to avoid being scanned is really not a great solution (IF in fact that does protect you…) and here’s why… I’ve been watching this issue with great concern for a number of reasons…As a person who fully supports streaming media in S.L and has a long and busy history of playing live music in SL and providing entertainment through our show here at Tonight Live, I’m very much concerned that not only are we all at risk of having even perfectly legitimate Alts exposed, but I’m also concerned about what this is doing to live and taped (DJ) music venues, and venues such as Tonight Live where we have screens up with our shows streamed. I’m hearing stories of people just grabbing music stream urls rather than using their media buttons, or just not going to venues for fear of being scanned, this is very worrying to me…

This Sunday I hope to clear up a LOT of rumours and get it all straight, and I know Azure wants to do the same. I’m keeping an eye on developments as they happen over this weekend, (the jira is still very active!) and will tailor the interview accordingly. I am also prepared to take questions from you in the audience and online during the broadcast on to put to Azure. Also please put any questions you have for Azure in comments below and I will be sure to consider them.

Watermoon BreezeWatermoon BreezeAlso on this Sundays show we also have a great interview with MenuBar Memorial from Watermoon Breeze who is our Resident Spotlight for this week, who has a suprising and innovative Breedable he is about to launch…Its AMAZING its, INCREDIBLE! and it has to BE SEEN TO BE BELIEVED Be prepared to be shocked and stunned!

SonyaSonyaOur Musician for this week is the wonderfull SonyaJevette Charisma! Sonya has only been on SL for about 4 months…but already she is packing out Sims because of her wonderfull R&B sound…If you like Joan Armatrading and Tracy Chapman, then you are going to Lurrvvvv Sonya! we are very exited to have such an amazing talent on our show.

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