Sunday 20th March 2011
Illustration Peter VosIllustration Peter Vos


This weeks guests included Sander Vos/Karkassus a real life film editor of RU There fame who is also the son of the Artist Peter Vos who's work is featured above. Sander talks about his his father's inspirations his dedication to his work, and what he hopes to be able to achieve to keep his fathers legacy alive.


CraigGore Redfield delighted the audience with his original tune, and spoke about his reasons for being in Second Life and what was happening musically with him in real life. His music can also be found here in SL or out in the world on iTunes, or


This week Paisley interviewed, Colin Nilsson VP of Game Development at Second Life Game Company Madpea Productions . Madpea create immersive games and hunts and educational interactive installations in Second Life. And they are amazing truly awesome!

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