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ReggieSunset Rookswood who after college played music a bit around his home town, playing in some restaurants and pubs, realized there wasn’t a lot of money playing music went out and got a real job. Reggie fell away from music for a very long time. But In the last 5 years or so, had a resurgence of writing and playing. He plays now in Second Life, and on this weeks show! He has a lovely mellow folksy sound if you love Jim Croce, James Taylor, John Denver, Elvis, Buddy Holly, Sam Cook you’re going to LOVE ReggieSunset Rookswood!


This weeks show we interview some residents from InWorldz. Jim Tarber and Lady Skia both now call InWorldz their home. InWorldz is one of the most successfull Open Sim Virtual Worlds. And as you can see from the picture above, the content in InWorldz is really catching up to Second Life. Both Jim and Lady were Second Life residents, and we find out what they are doing in InWorldz what they love about it, and how the community in InWorldz is growing, and welcoming more and more new residents. InWorldz has over 35,000.00 sign ups now. What makes this Open Sim so popular and how is it progressing since our last interview?

How To Watch The Show!
As usual the show starts at 6pm slt at Sailors Cove, get there early for this one!
See you Sunday 6pm slt at the Newly Located Studio at Sailors Cove, If you want to be in the audience, I suggest you get there at 5.30pm. The show is also as allways broadcast out to the Web at 6pm at or on your home Screens on the live channel. And now also at
You can also join the online chat by joining the “Tonight Live withPaisley Beebe” group in Second Life, the group chat is ported over to the live website and Paisley watches the live chat during her interviews for questions to her guests.
If you would like to know who is going to be on the show each week, join our subscribomatic placed at the studio, to unsubscribe just click the subscribomatic again. Anyone who can’t get in to the studio during the show, can watch the show live here
The show will then be uploaded to the Treet.Tv website and available on iTunes as a download.
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