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New York Times Best Selling Author Michael StackpoleNew York Times Best Selling Author Michael Stackpole

Michael Stackpole, The Future Of Books in The Digital Age

Michael Stackpole is an Award winning Fantasy Science Fiction Author
He is best known for his work in FASA’s BattleTech® universe and for his Star Wars® X-wing comics and bestselling Star Wars® novels. In Second Life he is known as Noble Charron, he holds weekly meetings in Second Life to discuss writing and publishing. Michael is a strong proponent of Digital Books. And as a leading author who is very much part of the digital age of publishing, I was very interested in finding out what the future of Books will look like. With bookshops closing down all over, or morphing into hip coffee shops, will books go the way of the scroll? Will books become more interactive? What about self publishing? is it like the music industry where having an “Album” out is no longer seens as a badge of honor…because anyone can do that these days?

Collaboration Online Where Is It Leading Us?
Collaboration Tools are generally computer applications that make it possible for people to work together and play together.
Richard Meiklejohn has developed a software called Roobaarb for collaboration, he is very invested in virtual worlds, and has strong opinions on collaboration and where its taking us. This week we will be talking to Richard about his software and what he sees as the future of collaboration online, after all its what we are all doing on Second Life isn’t it?

AM Quar Axe Man Of The Guitar!

AM Quar is from Montreal, Canada. He started learning to play guitar at the age of fifteen. His first influences were from Elvis Presley, The Beatles and Jimi Hendrix. He has played with many bands including Pop Corn Blues Band, Les Maitres (Morse Code), Les Chevelles, Andre Collin, Projet-X, Pro-Style with Anita Godina, Etc. He plays songs from Stevie Ray Vaughn, Joe Cocker, Classics Blues, Latinos, as well as his own compositions of Blues Rock. AM is going to Rock The Tonight Live Stage this Sunday!

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