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The Last Show of Season is here, and with it much hope and good works for the future. Things have changed with the show not being live broadcast for now, and we did enjoy the web based activity around The 1st Question while it aired as we played. The live audience in the StudioDome are the ones who are edge of their fingers and tips of their seats, playing with gusto.

The wealth of discovery during the month of August will have to be followed elsewhere, though the Herschel telescope has found the first confirmed evidence of oxygen molecules in space. Many people have told me they have uttered the words, “I heard it on The 1st Question,” and that is really what its all about – The chance to laugh and learn while saying – Really! Come ON! (and a whole lot more) in the public arena with friends.

The 1st Question is a great adventure into what the world is up to now as our continued fascination with life in all its forms continues. Treet.tv is also continuing and programming will evolve and change just as it does in traditional media. The only constant is change, and let me know who originated that famous quote, and there is a prize for you. What will not change and what is different than TV is the great give and take between the live audience in the show. The great show that The 1st Question is, truly makes it unique to Second Life, and will be ongoing with all of the segments, news and laughs. I invite all back to the Dome when we return in the month of September. There are bound to be lots of inventions, discoveries, economic meltdowns and various triumphs to cover.

This has been an amazing year of invention and facts, . We even had a few legends on the show. This Episode brings us to the last of the summer season. I wanted to wish everyone a great August, and also great props to those going to SLCC. Will see you in the Fall with a September Special. Stay tuned and please see PookyMedia for updates from yours truly.
Thank you! & Hugs

Ahoy all!
Lots of excitement going on in the Dome and beyond. The world of ConnectedTV will beat a path to our door, says my iPhone app called iPredict full of iWonder, Recorded Futures and Wolfram Alpaha's - You watch the 1st Question, and you know what I mean!

We have thought of what's next, and here is some recent news where treet is front and center, along with yours truly.

Brands and Transmedia Producers Heads Up! Virtual Worlds Bounce Back into the Zeitgeist

Association for Virtual Worlds profile

Maniera Magazine did a great Write up - Thank you Encore!

Latest Edition of Maniera MagazineLatest Edition of Maniera Magazine

MediaPost, where I contribute to Video Insider

It is the greatest time to be part of this Virtual Television Evolution.

See you here & PS hope you can make it to tonight's show -
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The Dating Casino is a great original half hour of comic romance, candid reactions and even some lusty sighs. When Lovey Foxtrot returns to the webwaves for The Valentines Day Special, be sure to be there. On the 14th, next Monday, at 4:30 you can attend in the LoveDome on Northpoint and be part of our incredible audience who play right along with the game. It is hilarious!
Or log into your favorite virtual internetwork, treet.tv and WATCH LIVE, and yes here you can also play right along with the game! It will be a great show, with Designing Worlds own Saffia Widdershins in attendance. What people say on the show is straight from the heart, uncut and uncensored.
Love is a Gamble...it's time to play!

Everything I learned about Love I learned on The Dating Casino!

For The 102nd Episode we went all out and had fun decorating the Dome for the “Holidays” What is it about Halloween that allows us to answer a different part of our nature? Did I just hear a wolf? Ah that must have been Hydra. Our recent transformation has culminated in the episode where I got in touch with my inner elf. (I realize I have just been wearing human clothes all this time.) It's 30 minutes of fast and funny.

We have been over a bridge or rather a new arc in our programming which began with the 100th show, a memorable occasion for any production. Thank you to everyone who makes this possible. Hydra Shaftoe who is a great co-host , whose wit, strength and smarts are part of the show being so wonderful. Kat2 Kit and Emmo Wei who are the best opening act ever, and Petlove Petshop our Sound Director we couldn't go on without and the multi-talented robwag Soothsayer who helps run the show behind the scenes in too many ways to mention.

The 1st Question is a remarkable ride each week into finding out the different and incredibly interesting things that make up here and now, here and now. We recently celebrated the 100th show with a blockbuster panel of all-stars in a show that will not soon be forgotten for many reasons. The show had a panel of people who really know their way around the current media landscape. And if new media are of interest to you then the names of Robert Bloomfield http://www.metanomics.net/ Jonathan Salem Baskin http://www.jonathansalembaskin.com/ and Gary P. Hayes http://www.personalizemedia.com/ an AdAge Power150 global media-marketing blog, are well known to you, You might also have heard of http://www.appmarket.tv where our last panelist Natan Edelsberg writes, a great site for breaking news that anyone on the nexus of social media, mobile, TV, Virtual Worlds and games must read. It was an honor to have them on the show, from all over the world. An honor to have the recognition in pushing a new kind of audience participation game show out “there” points behind me. These are transmedia experts of the highest order.

The panel was respectively Beyers Sellars, Baskin Novo, Gary Hazlitt and Natan Pinelli.
-Beyers we know well from his Metanomics show which brings concise analysis and interviews (He had interviewed Noam Chomsky that day!) to the metaverse.
-Gary who has long been a part of Second Life (2006) has promoted this platform for major networks and brands. His blog is one to read to keep up with virtual and artificial reality and he is doing remarkable work with AR and digital storytelling with the global StoryLabs.us
-Baskin, the author of 3 books, Branding Only Works on Cattle (2008), Bright Lights & Dim Bulbs (2009) and Histories of Social Media, just published by SNCR Press. A great writer and intellect, he came into Second Life to do the show and had a blast.
-Natan is the founder of Natan.TV a curated team of expert students at NYU that offer social marketing, design and video services. And the winner of the Millennial Award he writes for appmarket.tv. He also came into Second Life for the first time to do the show and I am just thrilled to be able to show people what a great platform this is.

The show is a riot, we did celebrate afterward, 100 is a big number and every show has been fun. I reflect back to this show and it goes so fast, the hour, yet in order for The 1st Question to resonate with a larger audience, one that is also outworld, I have to face that very few people will watch a one hour game show. And the 1st Question is a game show, fun exciting full of humor. So when we moved to the Sunday time slot, we moved also into the future, where I'm more comfortable. Now the show has a chance to be seen by more people in the UK and Europe, and the slot fits well with other programming. A lot of folks have said they wished the show was longer still, but coming into a new age, this just makes more sense.

We have had two episodes in the new format. The 101st Episode had Sean Martin whose simboarding empire is going sci-fi, grafx Newbold of the incredible Inspire Space park one of the great destinations of Second Life & the remarkably voiced and talented TMUnderground radio show host Chris62 Greybeard of “The Weekly Look” They went through a tough round of Yay Me or Nay Me, gave us some great words for Word-Up and aced the introduction of Inner Geek Competition, formerly known as Avataro Y Avataro. Its still the type Alpha personality game we love to play.

And before I end the blog, let's meet the Halloween panel..........
She creates art exhibits using different mediums to show the viewer what lies in between the obvious and mundane. She holds a Technology specialist Advanced, Masters in Education and Bachelors in Math...find magic with....Tegan Jenvieve
She has built several empires from the prims up, including Ariss and now is staking a claim on the ReactionGrid, Be notable with ...........Angelle Marquette
She is a citizen of the Cherokee Nation. Executive director of the first and so far only tribally affiliated educational organization in existence in any virtual world. Follow the path with.....Nany Kayo
Watch the shows and have fun, some of the answers are sure to surprise and amuse.
We move always forward creating a great time to bring you into. See you Sundays at 4:30.

Huge show this week -
Please all tune in and be there if you can
We have a media panel that will blow your socks off -
and although Mr. Rosedale was otherwise engaged , we have TREET.TV's own Beyers Sellars!

& a panel of authorites in their field including
Gary Hayes of PersonalizedMedia.com
Jonathan Salem Baskin writer for Advertising Age, and author
Natan Edelsburg media specialist at NYU
The Golden Age of The Internet
http://treet.tv/ watch live
The 1st Question TUESDAY at 7PAC / 10 EST
Beyers Sellars / Baskin Novo / Gary Hazlitt / Natan Pinelli

And there will be an after party in the Dome-
Hope to see you there - Please IM Petlove Petshop if you need to arrive safely.

This is a huge thrill on so many fronts and we have all worked so hard towards our hundredth. Thank you so much!

We go on break next week and reformat and return on Oct 24th with a brand new format On Sundays at 4:30 - 5PM

1950's game shows meet the 21st century- Welcome aboard!

Time to be a part of the best game show in Second Life!
The Golden Age of The Internet
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This Tuesday we will return with some new segments and the same wonderful cast of characters -
Kat2 Kit will be a magic panda on wheels, whether skate or a bicycle or.....& Emmo Wei will daredevil his way into our hearts -
Hydra will be droll, witty and of coure amazing & I will be back in the captains seat.
Sept 7th new season- Director of Life 2.0 Jay Spire + Phaylen Fairchild + Oz Linden + Qarl Fizz (formerly Linden) 7PM PDT
See you here!

The SLCC convention was remarkable for many reasons - giving hugs to the treet team is certainly at the top of the list! As one picture speaks a thousand words, here is a good one I hope you like.
And scroll down too please and my Business track presentation is there with the slides as well.
Being a part of this wonderful community has brought so much depth and expression to our lives.
Thank you treet!
Thank you Second Life!
Thank you SLCC!
from the bottom of my Pooky heart
Mucho Appreciated!

See you back on the 7th of September in the StudioDome
We will have a super special show late August on treet island!
Its a must attend.
*******Blanket of hugs********

Aliens use high pitch sounds to control our galaxy – well they might have gotten away with it if it wasn’t for Emmo! And yes you can sleep soundly because he has saved us one again. This week we had a show of people with advanced degrees in a variety of applications really using a voice greater than any one of ours alone to send out messages of humanity, health and hope to the greater world.
- The Voice of Relay - indeed the voice we all must hear is his –He is Mission Chair, a Team Captain and co-winner w/Fayandria Foley of the 2009 “Spirit of Relay” This year he has the honor of being the Relay For Life Event Chair - overseeing these adjunct events to Relay, such as Sail For Life and Build For Life. He has also helped raise through his work with Leukemia / Lymphoma Team In Training bicycle riders, more than $6,000,000 US dollars. As a Leukemia survivor it is his honor to participate and ours to have him with us.
Listen to the voice of-...................Trader1 Whiplash -
-In real life she is a musician and scientist. She sang professionally with an opera company for almost 10 years. She was fortunate to be able to perform on stage with the Chronos Quarter and with the great Marilyn Horne. She has a Ph.D. in Speech Science and Technology, an interdisciplinary degree that weds acoustics, engineering, signal processing, speech physiology, and linguistics. Her first attempt at a music project, Musical Evolution, a partnership with DB Bailey, displayed at Burning Life 2009, is currently on exhibit at the Cetus Institute, and will be archived soon the US Library of Congress, after which it will be on display at Locus. Hear the sounds of
................. NomadMolly Nostram -
-He has degrees in Physics, Electrical Engineering, and Optical Sciences and works as a Software Engineer for a large corporation. He recently completed the Certificate Program in Virtual Worlds from the University of Washington which was taught entirely in Second Life. He is also a champion of the fight against a disease which almost took his mother, that of a parasitic fungal ailment is Valley Fever- Anyone can get it simply by breathing when visiting or living in these endemic areas.
Please visit their website at http://www.valleyfeversurvivor.com/ and tell others about it so people can learn the seriousness of this disease and the need to fund the vaccine and cure projects. Help the cause with
......................... Cyber Simsider
- She sees SL as a place where there are no limitations. Why make traditional doors, buildings, art. and she loves to play in particle streams, torture prims and take pictures others don’t even see existed in the first place. She neither plays by the rules and donor does she care. Embrace chaos and the beauty with.....
.............Tegan Jenvieve -
For the answers, please go to http://the1stquestionblog.blogspot.com/
1) Horizon mini pak
3) University of York in the U.K.
4) Big dog and Little Dog
5) America’s National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
6) Bee venom
7) California
8) Finland
9) Large Hadron Collider in Geneva
10) ThinkGeek
11) Norway at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology
12) Northrop Grumman

Great shows are made & born and tonight was a very funny episode for one and all – somehow though we might have inhaled too much Helium our panelist Robin Roar was packing. There were some mysterious technical glitches – but carry on! We have this film to prove we were there! You can be too.
P: He is primarily a 3D artist and has been working with 3D software of various degrees, ranging from game engines, to a range of different virtual world environments for years. In his free time he researches various 3D rendering subjects, and occasionally takes up programming. Currently, the Director of Graphics and Animation at MUVEMarket LLC, a company that specializes in virtual educational and training simulations. Get a new way of walking with
....................Geenz Spad -
-In 2006 she joined Second Life and began networking with businesses in world and out including 1800Flowers, IMAX, CareerBuilder.com, Colgate, Coffeemate, Sun Microsystem and the World Bank.
She has built fantastic relationships with various communities here and knows how to train and recruit the best people projects. Hey there she si a rock star
................ Robin Roar -
- In real life he makes and teaches art to about 500+ students a year at Long Beach State University, and talk about art on KBeach radio. A scuba diver in real life he found that not so impressive here... but... the skydiving is fantastic, though he would never want to skydive IRL. Bringing his students to SL was such a huge success - he now heads up the "CSULB" region for multi-use, Virtual Art Galleries. ......................... Lothar Leborski
- In Real Life he is Jeffrey Jacobson, Director of PublicVR, a non-profit dedicated “Think Tank” in Boston, USA. PublicVR is dedicated to freeware and research in Virtual Reality for Education, especially in cultural heritage (ancient temples, etc.) and low-cost ways to build your own immersive displays. Now in Second Life, to experiment with life-sized interfaces and mixed reality applications. Speak the language of Information with
.............Goshen Rasa
For the answers, please go to http://the1stquestionblog.blogspot.com/
1) Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation, or SLAPP
2) Oxygen & the word for extreme oxygen deprivation is Anoxia
3) famnexdo
4) Panoptes or Smart-Iris
5) Hyperion
7) The PLEASE Painless Laser Epidural System
8) ECO-Augerâ„¢
9) Kinect
10) Hayabusa, which means falcon in Japanese,
11) LuminAR bulb and robotic lamp
12) Human embryonic stem cells
13) Norway at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology
14) Retina display