Yes tune in Today for Questions of our Second Lives!
Emmo chased rob all over the world in hopes of throwing the book at him! Did he catch him, nope that robby moves too fast. And this week’s show moved all too fast. We break news in science and technology from all over the world each week and cover the what’s what in social media too. Yes, our money was on the iPad! No where else are trends delivered on the breaking waves like this quiz show to the stars as we surf the zeitgeist. Let’s face it we have been completely ahead of the curve with our recent talk of bacon in unusual places!
-Kurt Karsin was a great panelist, solid sure and funny. Who knew lead was in so many places? And it was follow the Lead- er time when he began to riff on his word-up. Great panelist and his being a cybersociologist meant he was studying us even as we spoke? Think he was taking notes? Probably but not with a lead pencil! (Note from Rocket Sellars- “If pencils are made of graphite, why do they call them lead pencils?” – if anyone can answer me I will give them a Plancky the Science Bear!)
-Scarlett Niven beautiful and bountiful was definitely giving off vibes of fashion forwardness along with some genius and a great word-up of the week. I loved having her on the panel and her controversy of the nuggets gave us all a bit of a pause. And she was very illuminating!
-LANCE Rembrandt can heal with his voice, did you know that? Elvis was mentioned in the same breath as LANCE more than once and we don’t get to salute the King that often on The 1st Question. He was after all The King of Rock & Roll, not Atomic Structure. So that was a rare treat for me, and I am sure you will hear that in my voice.
-Gary Broono our King of Quotes – yes he is, he has been batting a thousand on the Quotes week after week. We finally got him on the panel, and that was great. He is going for a PhD in Education, so we will be calling on Doctor Gary to check our funny bones, as the man is also a comic on the grid.

Have to hand it to Hydra this week, he was also a thousand or 4 for 4 during his segment, Nuggets o’ Knowledge!
Below as usual are the answers to our AVATARO segment, and I love the way they read, you want to know the questions? Please go to………..
1) Timothy (TJ) Creamer
2) iPad
3) High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP)
4) Herti drones
5) WeCU Technologies (as in "we see you")
6) Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy.
7) Nestor Sextone in the film Nestor Sextone for President
8) Joe Kittinger
9) The Quicklauncher
10) Rosie
11) The Smart Second Skin Dress by Jenny Tillotson
12) Video eyewear manufacturer Vuzix

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