Griducation is when you get educated on this greater grid we know such as Second life. And education is one of the jewels in the Crown of Second Life. One we are very proud of as many of the best educators and visionaries have passed through our StudioDome. However before we got into the show Emmo Wei our daredevil Koala was shot from a catapult and went 4000 meters overboard. We hope he is finished flying in time for next week.
-Gary Bukowski , was a true marvel as a white a shiny tinman with a heart that pounded in real time for us. A member of the WishFarmers, he has planted many seeds of greatness, and on the show he planted a very memorable word onto us. One we won’t soon forget. His element is Plutonium. I guess that heart does have QUITE a beat.
- Jenette Forager, was terrific on the panel I just love this woman’s voice! She is an incredible person and gets and keeps some of the best product going on the grid with Tools.Jam and with of course our relation, the Powerhouse known as Metanomics. She is an amazing funny and warm person. And a mouse whisperer!
-Spiff Whitfield , is The soul of the virtual pioneers and his foresight in setting up technology here for learning and for the advancement of the Social Studies shows that we can all learn from each other in this very wonderful place. He gave a great Nugget to hydra and I am never going to look at a Naval orange in quite the same way.
-CathyWyo1 Haystack, has a fabulous blog and really ahs her fingers on the pulse of education on the grid. Looking marvelous and telling us like it should be, it was great to have her here. Her secret word is a classic and one to look for in the upcoming PookyPedia. Cathy was a great add to panel, and hopes she returns to be part of the audience. She is a great journalist, and she twitters.
All right the questions are at - and please feel free to add one or two to the forum here – if you do we have a surprise for you!
1) Cisco Systems
2) Flexinol
3) Circular prison
4) Moss Landing power plant in California.
5) The Texthook
6) Spyder
7) Piezoelectric
8) Magnesium
9) France
10) The Nutria
11) Wasabi-based
12) Subway

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