This week we had a remarkable show and panel who are all involved with understanding how the dots which represent us can live, work, learn, train and be accounted for in our Second Life. We are each an incredible culmination of so much, wisdom, heart, fun, art, science and text. How, where, and how we put ourselves to good use is part of what makes us even more interesting as a whole. That we are all incredible individuals means a great deal. In each of us is worth, singularly we make up that one green dot on the grid, and together we make up so much more. A way of light, perhaps.
-Kenny Hubble was resplendent in a tuxedo, and exuded so much Urbane charm and savoir faire. His amazing Canadian Border Simulation showed how virtual worlds can improve scores in critical skills tests from 56% pass to 95%. That is a number to take to the top!
-Charlene Trudeau is a wonderful woman who has seen the future and realized that it is here, she helps support a lot of life on the grid and is one of the champions of Relay for Life. If you are a builder of note please get in touch with her, Relay is beginning. Last year Second Life raised Over $270,000USD for for the American Cancer Society. The cumulative Lindens totaled up to over a quarter of a million dollars.
-Arkowitz Jonson is actually someone who is involved with Data Visualization in Second Life and he is working with single instances to make them talk with larger portraits. He is a great thinker and his element had nothing though to do with his green pajamas. Well maybe it does. Both are highly effective.
-Blotter Republic is a publisher of the Souths largest free arts journal. He is certainly talented at managing and inspiring all those icons we know as text and gets great inspiration from everything he does. His Word UP was well said in fact so well said everyone kept repeating it.
Great show and for the questions please go to

1) PARO -The baby seal
2)Liquid Glass
4)The Gesture Cube or G cube
6) sOccket
7)An unusual sea slug
8)The Robonaut2
9) Imperial College London
10) (Mason bees or blue orchard or Osmia bees
11) Interaxon
12)June 4
13) 350
14)The HAMLeT - Hazardous Material Localization And Person Tracking system
16)"Mass Effect 2"
17) The Dash

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