Emmo took new leaps of faith while Kat2 cheered him on for the opener this wek which brought some real life media people into the dome. Think that the word is spreading that Second Life is a bona fide platform upon which to launch. Well Emmo certainly did . The show was chock full of brilliant moments and scientific revelations as we used this Avatar based 3D environment to have a heck of a show!
-Sonicity Fitzroy was fantastic in her own design and this multi talented woman has me invent a word – Panworld because those are the spheres she covers in her all media understanding of Machinima, Virtual Worlds and more. A real life professor and an in world writer to the BOSL. And with a forthcoming book, "Second Life, Media & The Other Society" She was our Quicksilver woman, Mercury finds gold!
-Rhett Linden who is taking the grid by storm has a real life flying background. No Emmo, not backwards upside down and on a tricycle, but he jets, turbines, helicopters, whatever else flys with the wind. He is heading up a new team called Experience Design. He is putting greater focus on the end-to-end experience.
-RamonaPringle Avon is currently the Interactive Media Producer for PBS FRONTLINE Digital Nation. so much of her own work is about crafting personas, and creating stories within new worlds.. Television host of the CBC program "The X" an actress who has worked with some amazing people and as a performer in RL have had the opportunity to work with fantastic artists including Clive Own, Paul Giamatti, Angelica Huston, Ron Howards, to name a few.
-Roxxor Foxley climbs volcanoes for fun & euphoria - last year Kilimanjaro and five volcanoes in Ecuador including Cotopaxi, though she didn’t summit because it snowed and avalanche conditions were high. Iyes she climbs EVERY mountain and what is more, works for Disney!She is an interactive guru, a pioneer in instructional technologies for education, particularly interactive content and technologies for the classroom. And have a patent pending and another will be filed soon.
Here are the answers to this weeks questions fr the answers please go to:
1) Procter & Gamble and Walmart
2)The Spy Video TRAKR from Wild Planet
3)The Hexapod Robot
4)Tom’s Hardware
6) Mycotecture
7)Intellectual Ventures
8)Edison's Conquest of Mars
9)LJames Dyson Award
11) Pranav Mistry
12)Google Buzz
13)Robert Scoble
14) A teetotum
15)James Vicary

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