Yes sometimes the names of the panelists are enough to make the title of the show, not always but this week so much of all they represented encapsulates the theme of the hour. Of course Word-Up ddi get in there and we were laughing very hard throughout the proceedings. Oh where else can you get science, fun, laughs and the latest in green technology? The 1st Question!
Currently an Assistant Professor serving in the Department of Professional Education at University of North Carolina at Pembroke. She is striving to make a positive impact, focusing on implementing and sustaining educational change in the lives of her students. & very involved in research using Immersive World Technology - facilitate the future with..................... DrM Magic
He has done a little bit of everything in SL over the past 3 years. Land owner, club owner, and life force- he also owns SimShapers (if you can imagine it, he can terra form your sim look like that), he recently produced his first film, a music video based on Shemekia Copeland's Beat up old guitar and celebrating the fans, staff and musicians of Mama's. He understands and builds on the human nature and complicated projects- figure them out with.......... TributeTim Kwak
The thing that distinguishes our next panelist in SL is her passion to help others. As the Executive Director for Virtual Helping Hands,she works with a great team of people who are passionate and work hard to address the issues to make virtual worlds more accessible to those that are differently abled. Some of the projects she has been a part of include Max the Virtual Guidedog, Helen Keller Day and SecondAbility Mentors. Find a way to make it happen with..............Saxet Uralia
In RL he is an RN in a rural area now.and also leads medical missions to Malawi , Africa. Originally he is from Houston Texas (as you will tell). Father of 3 Great kids, husband to my Beautiful RL/SL Wife Sonicity Fitzroy. In SL he is from Chicagoland Club and Mall, also a great Live Music Venue and his interests extend to machinima and photography . Get visual with................... Shock Soderstrom
I include the fabulous introductions to the panelists now so you reading the blog can fully appreciate what we say of our panel. Answers to the questions are below- to get the questions themselves. Please check out the questions at
1) Ronald Howes
2) ACTA, the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement
3) King Louis XI of France (1461–1483)
4) 2010 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona
5) Little Brother
6) FlyFire
7) The Bloom Box
8) Backmasking
9) Cornstarch
10) 'White Goat'
11) Extraterrestrial
12) Henry Daniell
13) Vancouver Convention and Exhibition Center (VCAEC)

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