BEST Of Second Life March IssueBEST Of Second Life March IssueThe Best Of Second Life has a great story on The 1st Question this month, Please go to page 251 – 3 pages on the Show!
Emmo took the dome by storm again and threw himself out there literally and figuratively in a burst of Koala Magic while Kat2 Kit spun around and tried not be turned into panda pudding by the explosion. All was good as the smoke cleared, and we were able to again deliver a riotous hour of so many noteworthy, quoteworthy and just fantastic facts and fun.

-He is an Agile Coach working for Rally Software & spends most of his time teaching Agile Software Development Process or coaching teams that are new and trying to get better. He also presents at various software development conferences and he blogs
Before this gig, he was a Software Development Manager for over 20 years, and worked at Avid Technology, one of the very first companies to work in digital video, RealNetworks, and among others. In his past life he spent some time working in a steel mill, as a carnival barker, and also as a US Marine. Tell it to..................... Koach Ditko
-He came he saw he conquered and he managed to do more than he thought- able toleap international business meetings in asingle bound and understanding of what the platform can bring in so many ways- Vuturus is his firm and determined is his calling & he is business intelligence on jetfuel when you want to pump up the volume and learn how to negotiate call.......... Valiant Westland
-This man has done a lot and more - Before starting his Gold Solution provider company, FireSabre Consulting, he wrote simulations used for training astronauts for the International Space station. Under this mans direction, Firesabre has become known for its expertise in building strong interactive educational projects, including the Suffern Project, which represented the first junior high school project within Second Life and won the 2007 Edublog Award ("the Eddie") for Best Educational Use of a Virtual World.Firesabre also helped create a project for New York-based Global Kids which was recognized in WIRED magazine and was nominated for an Annenberg Foundation Public Diplomacy Award. Go gold with.............Gus Plisskin
- She has provided training in how to use new tools and assisted the faculty in designing and developing online teaching materials at Howard Community College in for over 25 years. Before pc's were even invented, she studied visual communication. Her experiences have inspired her to pursue a masters degree in Distance Education She has recently been one of the first two students in the world selected to present a paper to the European Distance E-learning Network research conference, and invited to become a delegate of UNESCO. Swimming with other merfolk becomes the beautiful........................... KarenKate Sands
Here are the answers to this weeks questions – Don’t look if you want to play along while you watch the show, for the Questions please go to
1) Purpose Energy Inc.
2)Bill Weihl
3) a 16-year-old youth
4) Project M
5)A spindizzy
6). Denmark, Aarhus University by Lars Peter Nielsen
7) HumanCar
8) The Kopernik
9) The Singularity
10) Dr. James Canton
11) Fin Fin
12) Justinus Kerner

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