It was a night of high intellect and the combined IQ of the panel exceeded the height of the platform we conduct the show on, which is over 700 meters in the air. Add my co – host of the evening Dr. Troy McLuhan (who got his PhD in Astro – Dynamics) and we just might have been batting 1000 onstage.
-In RL, he discovered or helped discover a whole bunch of things about the universe. He may be the only legit scientist whose work appeared on the front page of the Weekly World News (it's a long story...). In SL he currently Head MICA (Meta-Institute for Computational Astrophysics), the first professional scientific organization based in Virtual Worlds. Ask an Astronomer..................... Curious George
-He's the founding Director of the Splo Science Museum, the first interactive science museum in second life, which will celebrate it's 4th birthday on April 1. He's also a senior scientist at the Exploratorium Science museum in RL and has a PhD in Physics from M.I.T. He's the author of the Explorabook, a children’s science book that has sold over a million copies. In 2003, the National Science Teachers Association gave him their Faraday Award for excellence in Science communication. Explore with.............. Patio Plasma!
- He is the science editor at and author of the book “THE CASE FOR PLUTO,” which tries to widen our perspective on the cosmos rather than narrowing it. Our man in the real world science media and a great pleasure to have him on the show - get ready for ..............Boole Allen.
-It is not often someone who is an answer to a 1st Question appears on the stage. In fact, it is a first--To say this man is a futurist is an understatement- he is Dr. Future, and has even written the book - Extreme Future. He is the CEO of the Insitute for Global Futures which is a San Francisco based think tank that forecasts innovations and trends. Mike Wallace of 60 Minutes profiled, him as “one of the world’s greatest minds” in his book, “50 Years From Today.” Time keeps on tripping into the future with.......................... Futureguru Haiku –
Here are the answers to the show’s Avataro section. For the questions please go to
1) Julius Genachowski
2) Balloon Spider
3) The MeBot
4) The University of Western Ontario
5) Nat Schachner
6) Callahan and the Wheelies
7) Carlos Slim
8) Hans Christian Ørsted
9) Schrödinger’s Cat
10) Diamond
11) Carbon
12) Richard Garriot
13) Triumph International

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Guns of science have gone

Guns of science have gone far. Thats why many are producing new and modern technology.The hot thing that is beginning to take over is connecting a PC to the TV - a television is basically the exact same thing as a monitor anyway, so it isn't as if the two weren't going to integrate at some point. Supposedly, Google TV is going to appear sometime, and then there's the Kodak Theater HD player, which can handle HDTV signals, et cetera - but a lot of people are complaining it does not handle YouTube or other sites too well. Nevertheless, the tech geeks will be practically falling over themselves and getting quick loans to buy one, as if you can purchase a variety of plastic crap and never have to die.