A great show with as usual a great opening by the terrific tinies in residence – Kat2 Kit & Emmo. Always astounding, we can’t start the show without them, and they may be tiny but when they take over center stage with full stops & whistles, you know they pack a wallop! The panelists were very distinguished with some great grid players in our midst.

- At twenty six year and with ten years’ experience working with game engines, he has been in this field for most if not all of his adult life. An internationally connected contractor in areas from medical education, to race vehicle manufacturers and telecommunications providers - he make a personal hobby out of physics experiments within Second Life, and simple experiments in scripted intelligence. Welcome to the life of
....................Selkit Diller

-She is a media artist, producer, and skydiver who explores the extension of the performance environment with technology . She initiated the Kidz Connect program, which connects youth internationally via creative collaboration and theatrical/mixed reality performance in virtual worlds like Second Life. She received a MacArthur Foundation award to co-found Fractor.org, A Fulbright scholarship recipient and live events producer for This Spartan Life, a talk show inside the video game Halo, the very amazing
................. Josephine Junot

- He has written about how Virtual Worlds are likely to affect business and collaboration. And he has a book on Amazon. It is named Changing the Face of the Internet: Virtual Worlds and the Information Economy: Impacts on European Policy, Jobs and Industrial Competitiveness. He works closely with the Virtual World Roadmap group www.vwr.org. And spoke at the recent Federal Consortium on Virtual Worlds on attitudes about future capabilities that are needed for Virtual Worlds.
Look at the clouds of computing and how this will likely change telecommunications with ......................... Metro Troglodite

-He is one of the Founders at Pixel Labs here in Second Life, and also one of the creative minds behind the book Tablet and koios (koi-us) a shared media Presentation system.
A Virtual Environment Specialist with 15 years of experience ranging from Research to Trend Forecasting. He is also the current project leader for Andromeda Media Group - which deals with various industry forecasting and related virtual environment projects. A contributing author for the upcoming book Virtual Worlds and E-Commerce: to be released July 2010. Build the future of applications in technology with
............. Aeonix Aeon

For the answers, please go to htt //the1stquestionblog.blogspot.com/

1) SMITE (Suspected Malicious Insider Threat Elimination)
2) fertilizer
3) California
4) Freedom Driver
5) Dr. Mark Gasson of the University of Reading in the UK
6) Japan
7) SmartCap
8) The Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitoring or The SCRAM
9) The Eisbock process or method of freeze distillation
10) Chinavasion
11) The Eyewriter
12) Boeing's X-51
13) Autom
14) Mimamori camera
15) GGRP - Griffiths, Gibson and Ramsay Productions

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