Hi folks been a while since I posted here. A few new things in Snail Racing going on. We have those spectacular flying spectator seats flying again. So now you can follow along behind your favorite snail cheering them on.
spectacular view from the magical following seats for spectatorsspectacular view from the magical following seats for spectators
Were shaking things up again. Was getting boring watching the same two snails win every time year after year after year.

So I decided were going to slow the best down a bit. Were still working out the amount of delay necessary to make the races interesting again. Tried 20 seconds not enough and 60 seconds a little to much next try is 45 seconds hope that works.
We seem to have about 3 different classes of snail ultimate pro consists of Tindallia Soothsayer and Gareth8 Albatros. have won every race for the last 3 or 4 years.
Then theirs regular pro consisting of most of the other snails Safra Nitley, Oodlme Noodle, Alden Cortes, Industria Dowler, Lykurgus Liebknecht, and a few other old snails that stop in on occasion,
Then their is another class of snail the ones that hardly ever come in anything but sixth, seventh and eighth Crash Soulstar, Redragon Oller, MrKirkland Resident, and a few others or new snails that have never raced before. Not sure if we can even it up enough for them to win, their so erratic. Hope someday to have enough of these for their own separate race.
The plan is we hold up the best for a few seconds till the regular pro snails are part way around there first lap. Then we let them go and if we figure out the right amount of time we can finally see some real competition for first place again.

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