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*picture distortion

seems they came out quite blurry, anyone can pick up the ones ive recently uploaded to see the distinction.

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Hope it's not a website problem! If so, any pointers and I'll get right on the case.

The photo galleries are pretty minimal now, but I have lots of features to "flip on" if people need them, like pop-up gallery browsing, etc. Let me know your thoughts and if you have any requests!

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re bug

I wouldn't call it a website problem, my just before bed assumption my 1600 by x picture would come out clearly on a picture meant to be displayed at a smaller size was probably more at fault then anything.. I was paying more attention to the file size limit then the display resolution. I highly doubt anyone expects the kind of features you would find on flickr for treet but a click to see full size image button would be neat. Your certainly on top of everything wiz =) I hope your dedication doesn't go unnoticed at treet.

*on another note not to take away from my last comment, im still not in the clip beta? I was fortunate enough to see the way it works on krackmaniacs account though good stuff!