Womenstuff HuntWomenstuff HuntJoin us for today’s Happy Hunting! in the treet.tv studios in Garden of Dreams at 3pm, Friday 30th November, to learn about the great hunts that are going on across the grid, to see an interview with Sequoia Nightfire and ElaraGloriana Scrabblebat of the amazing Peace on Earth Hunt and to get the latest news of The Blackened Mirror!

Rosamoo Mendelsohn of Hunt SL, our hunt reporter, will be on hand with all the latest hunt news, and some examples of the wonderful items she’s found – and this week, she will be focusing on one to keep you busy till the Christmas Hunts really get under way - The Womenstuff Hunt!

Peace on Earth HuntPeace on Earth HuntCinders Vale, our host, will be talking to Sequoia Nightfire and ElaraGloriana Scrabblebat of the Peace on Earth Hunt, now in its fifth year! She'll be hearing all about their plans for what is probably one of the best known hunts on the Second Life calendar.

And there'll be chance to see again Episode 5 of The Blackened Mirror. There will be a special party this weekend - watch the website for details!

So join us at 3pm today in the studio for the broadcast. Bring along your hunter friends too. We will be glad to have you all join us for the show.

Confrontations in The Blackened MirrorConfrontations in The Blackened Mirror

Please note that - due to technical difficulties - today's show will NOT be streamed live by treet. It will be available on the Happy Hunting channel on treet.tv and on the Happy Hunting channel on You Tube.

And in other important news:

Happy Hunting! has been nominated for an Avi!

Avi Awards 2012Avi Awards 2012

We are all delighted to have been nominated - if you want to vote for us (and many other fantastic creatives in different areas) you will find all the details and voting forms here (we are in the Entertainment category).

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