Join the Happy Hunting staff for a live broadcast of the latest episode of our show today, Friday Nov 8 at 3pm SLT, in the treetv studio.

Rosamoo and Cinders discuss hunt giftsRosamoo and Cinders discuss hunt gifts

Rosamoo Mendelsohn, intrepid Hunt Reporter, shares an overflowing set of gifts with Host Cinders Vale.

Cinders interviews the Warm Socks Hunt organizersCinders interviews the Warm Socks Hunt organizers

As the weather cools off Cinders talks to Amy Lombardia, Fiona Scorfield and Butterfly1980 Magic, the organizers of the Warm Socks Hunt, just what we need to keep our feet cozy and toasty.

If you can't make it to the live broadcast, you'll find a link watch it on line after Friday on our web site at

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