The last episode of this season, that is - for there will be a new series in the Fall!

Waiting to be interviewedWaiting to be interviewed

Episode 2.6 of The Blackened Mirror goes live at 2pm PST / SLT today, Sunday 9th February (that’s 10pm GMT) and you can watch it in a variety of ways – but one of the most fun is to watch it on a large screen with friends inworld!

There are screens available at The Crescent Theater in Seraph City and the Designing Worlds studio in Garden of Dreams. (The crew tend to head for Seraph City).

In this episode, Decisions, on their mission to rescue Millie, the young Seraph City waitress, our heroic three find themselves prisoners in the steampunk city of New Babbage.

Biggins and Quinn in the prison wagonBiggins and Quinn in the prison wagon

And Harland Quinn, Alais Alleyn and Mr Biggins also face decisions that will shape their Quest – and their futures!

If you can’t make it inworld, then it will be available on the web at Treet.TV Blackened Mirror Channel, on The Blackened Mirror channel at Aview TV, on The Blackened Mirror YouTube Channel and, of course, on the front page of The Blackened Mirror website.

It will also be on our Facebook page, where our “likes” are steadily growing! Have you “liked” us there yet?

Can Quinn rescue Millie?Can Quinn rescue Millie?

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